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Yahoo's $96 Million (Fired) Man -- and Three More Dudes for the Board

Yahoo released a proxy filing today that spelled out exactly what its COO Henrique De Castro made for his 15-month tenure before being fired by CEO Marissa Mayer… 222 more words


Getting NPM to prompt for username and password (POC/Hack)

This is an experimental POC hack that seems to be working. I don’t know if I will actually use this anywhere, but I wanted to try it. 459 more words

Basic Facts about Anonymous Proxies

In most offices or colleges network firewalls keep you away from certain websites, it will feel irritated if you want to access these websites and you will not able to open. 267 more words


How to Surf the Web Anonymously and Stay protected Online

Common people think that surfing the web anonymously is only beneficial for the users whom are using the internet for their negative activities, but in fact is requirement of all internet users to hide their identity to remain protected from the hackers and identity thieves. 268 more words


How Proxy Server Work When Browsing the Internet

When we connect to the internet from home PC, there are several elements that make the whole process possible. The home PC is connected with ISP (internet service provider) server via modem, and the ISP is interconnected to servers all around the world. 254 more words


Reasons of Using Free Proxy

There are two reasons why people use free proxy, the first one is to access blocked websites at your location. Second reason is to keep your information hidden from the internet.  287 more words


Haiku By Proxy

 Hieronymus Carl Friedrich Baron von Münchhausen

I wear the patina

shiny as silk

washed in wisdom

my best mate

my closest friend

is Lord Buddha… 44 more words