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PR Past & Present

Once upon a time I entered into a introductory public relations course…the infamous CAP220.

To be honest I really did not know what public relations was when I walked into the first day of class however for a flashback this was my initial definition: 600 more words

The Importance of Definition

“My understanding of the field and purpose of public relations is that it deals with companies, corporations, and systems communicating with the public. It concerns the tasks of informing about, enlightening of, and advertising a product/service.” 589 more words

Public Relations

Compare and Contrast: My Past Definition of PR and My Present Definition

In my first post, I discussed my thoughts on what PR is. Those thoughts included oversimplifications, stereotypes, and general statements, with my definition of what PR is being: “ is such a varied and wide-reaching profession.   570 more words


The Development of My Definition of PR

Looking back to my first blog, rereading it and then thinking about it, my definition of Public Relations has definitely developed further. In my first blog I wrote: PR is a way for a company, person, or organization to mediate between themselves, their publics and of course the media, to put it simply. 681 more words


What Is Public Relations?

After conducting an extremely informal and very brief survey of students on campus and over Facebook, I have learned that not many people truly understand public relations. 325 more words

Public relations, communications, marketing, digital... We're all in this together!

It’s an exciting time for those of us in public relations, communications, marketing, digital strategy and related disciplines. It also can seem confusing, overwhelming, contradictory, counter-intuitive… as we embrace the challenges and opportunities of this time of rapid change.  364 more words

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