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STOP.. Do not read this if you don’t have kids!

Having been constipated since Monday Riven finally pooped. Hurray for prune purée! It didn’t cause him any fuss but he was soooo happy afterwards! 98 more words

Little Cake on the Prairie

You may not want to talk about Christmas yet, but people are getting ready. Choirs are practising their harmonies and sugar plum fairies are trying out their tutus.  919 more words

Healthy Baking Hacks

If holidays and baking go hand in hand in your home, all that buttery and sugary goodness can really pack on the holiday pounds. You can easily swap ingredients to make your favorite dishes healthier and lower in calories, so try these tips. 313 more words

Dateless and Constipated

Have you ever been forced to chug a cup of warm prune juice? All because you were overly constipated from consuming an entire medium four cheese pizza and stuffing a row of vanilla creme cookies (generic brand) down your throat. 323 more words

For Real Though

Dark and decadent prune and chocolate cake / Torta prugne e cioccolato

Salmon and Fidget had planned a surprise to mightily impress the lady of the manor this weekend. But having overheard their cartoon kitchen banter about the wrinkly old sour fruit, Trota was not exactly predisposed… 300 more words


Chocolate, beetroot and prune muffins

I realise beetroot’s appearing rather a lot on this blog at the moment. I think I might actually be addicted to the stuff. Which is handy, as we have rather a lot in the veg patch and they keep turning up in the weekly veg box too. 434 more words