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The Hungry Horde Review (Vita)

The Hungry Horde is an interesting reverse take on the zombie formula, combining high score chasing with unique gameplay peppered with similarly entertaining minigames that effectively pace your gameplay to keep it from getting stale. 819 more words


Ugh and things

Dear Em,

So I said I suck at this in the last post so I don’t think it’s exactly appropriate to say it again now but yeah. 297 more words


Escape Plan for PS4 and PS Vita

I imagine that it’s more than a little frustrating for loyal PS Vita owners to see a large number of the console exclusives re-released for the PS4. 460 more words


DriveClub review

It is with great joy that we welcome MrJohnSherry (follow him on twitter) on to our team here at LuvvaLuvva Towers (that’s a team of two now)! 765 more words


-Nissan P-series (PS


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Reliable-store is Your Only Source for Repair, Service and Shop Manual Downloads

Our Repair Manual, Owner’s Manuals and Parts Catalogs Downloads contain all information you’ll need to perform repairs, look up parts or do routine maintenance on your machine.The manual includes pictures and easy to follow directions on what tools are needed and how the repair is performed. 380 more words


Auditing workflow using Workflow History

When Workflow History list items exceed the list view threshold and cannot see the list views properly, we can get Workflow History data with PowerShell. The following codes will create an excel file including primary item, its worklfow data ( started and completed dates) 115 more words