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I'll Just Leave This Here

Quick post for this photo of my collection headed to CL.

Collecting Thoughts

Throwback Gems: Alundra

Released in 1997, Alundra hit the PS1 at a time when some titles were starting to really blow up. Alundra is action adventure game, or RPG, people tend to pick one or the other when it comes to the game. 203 more words

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SaGa Frontier Review: The Final Frontier

By RockLobster

Around the same time that an epic role-playing game was released on Sony’s first Playstation video gaming console, Final Fantasy VII, another game of the same genre was released. 869 more words

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Consoles Are Stacking Up

I can’t wait for warm weather and a garage sale. In fact I’m think I might take to Craigs List to start selling off consoles. With this set of wins I can confirm I own over 100 PS1 consoles,  I counted finally. 277 more words

In Person Pick Ups

Digimon Masters VoicePack 14/Nov/2014


- This VoicePack including 70% of the Digimon’s voices
في هذا الاصدار من مجلد الاصوات .. ستجدون أن 70% من الديجيمونات في اللعبة اصبحت ذات أصوات 247 more words

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Video - We Play Rising Zan: The Samurai Gunman, Part 1: Johnny No More!!

Chris introduces Steve to one of his all-time favorite quirky games, and much to his delight, Steve immediately succumbs to its charms despite its many faults. 28 more words

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