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Desert Planet 『熱砂の惑星』


There comes a day in every person’s life when they play a game that shows them the meaning of the cosmos. This is that game. 1,382 more words

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[That's Awesome!] What Would The Last of Us Look Like as a PS1 Game?

If you’re pining for the days when game graphics were a little more block-like, but a lot higher in imagination, then this latest NeoGAF post is for you.   50 more words

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Echo Night - Great Story Overshadows Clunky Gameplay

Echo Night for the PS1 proved to be a strangely captivating adventure from start to end, even though it was definitely rough around the edges. While the graphics are definitely on the ugly side and the story and puzzles can be convoluted at times, the unique combination of horror and adventure game elements coupled with an interesting setting provide for a game that is well worth visiting for the unfortunately short-lived playtime that it provides.

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RCA to HDMI Video Tutorial

Wow it’s been a while!

Anyway here’s a video tutorial on how to play older game consoles on newer TV sets.

Tell me what you think.

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75 lbs of Gaming Bliss

The Friday winnings got quite heavy this week and full of Playstation goodness. I’m getting way to much back stock and need to have a sale soon. 842 more words

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Silent Hill Retrospective: Part 1

Since the silent hill series is one of my favourite survival horror franchises i decided to create a retrospective series on my youtube channel which can be viewed here.

Part two is coming….