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Gran Turismo (PS1) Retrogaming Review

I decided i’d follow up my last Retro Review with another racing game and since almost everyone knows about the Gran Turismo series. For those who don’t know the first Gran Turismo game was created and published first in japan back in 1997 by Sony Computer Entertainment (although the games development group later established themselves as ‘Polyphony Digital’ the next year just before the western release). 828 more words


Hardcore 4x4 (PS1) Retrogaming Review

First of all the game is called Hardcore 4×4 and its a PS1 racing game created by Gremlin Interactive where you drive Trucks around various offroad tracks. 899 more words

SBox Soapbox: What I Want From a New Crash Bandicoot Game

The reason I play video games is because of Crash Bandicoot. More primarily, Crash Bandicoot 2 is the reason I play video games. It was the first game I have ever played back when I was just 2 years old. 1,401 more words


Social Style

Being technology obsessed fashion lovers, we are constantly perusing the social media sites of our favorite bloggers, celebrities, and style muses. As we scroll through Instagram and Facebook we find ourselves wondering WHERE do they get such incredible pieces and can WE afford it?! 328 more words



Today I took an impromptu trip to MoMA after another hellishly boring Orientation thing in the early morning. Because it is summer, and it’s a Thursday, … 570 more words


Chase The Express/ Covert Ops Nuclear Dawn Review: PS1

So i had a go at reviewing old games and i went for a game that my younger self quite enjoyed but now…..  Well you’ll have to watch the video wont you ;)

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Tomb Raider - Legend: The Review

Developers: Crystal Dynamics
Publishers: Eidos Interactive
Plot: While hunting relics in Bolivia, Lara encounters a connection with her past that blows her world wide open. 789 more words