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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Playstation 1, PSP, Sega Saturn

In the spirit of the approaching holiday, I’ve decided to visit some horror classics–other than Resident Evil. Yet, as last week’s Onimusha entry exemplifies, sending a fully armed character into a gauntlet of monsters who charge at him with the survival instincts of a depressed lemming don’t often contribute to a sense of dread in the player. 1,452 more words


My Top 10 Video Games of all time.

When I decided to blow the dust of this, I wanted to do it when I had something to share that is important to me. Video Games is something that has been an important part of my life. 617 more words

Mario Bros

Iran, the Disappearing News Story

by Richard Baehr
October 14, 2014

The Drudge Report is filled these days with alarming stories about the Ebola epidemic. A recent banner headline read: “Most Severe Health Emergency in Modern Times.” On Monday, a Hazmat crew boarded an Emirates plane from Dubai that landed at Boston’s Logan Airport, after a few passengers were isolated with flu-like symptoms. 269 more words

Israel & Middle East

Resident Evil 2 - first impressions

After the epic that was Dragon Quest, I’ve decided that my next game will be this survival horror classic. It’s pretty much a whole new genre  for me, having only played the more action orientated Resident Evil 4. 439 more words


End of Week Four: Final Fantasy II, Part 2

This game’s novelty got to me this week. Previously on Final Fantasy II, I was about to pounce on the Dreadnaught and seriously mess up everyone’s day. 1,058 more words

Final Fantasy Origins

Nightmare Creatures Review (PS1)

A survival-horror game that uses gothic elements from the 19th century? Nightmare Creatures should be an absolute winner but falls short on a few important issues. 516 more words

The Disc

How to turn your Laptop/Computer into a Playstation 1

So you’re probably thinking, well why would you want to do that? My answer? Why the hell not.

  • First of all, you’re going to want to download ‘WinRar’, it’s a program that allows you to process and use .RAR and .ZIP files.
  • 606 more words