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Weekly Trophy Tip - Flower - Pure

This weeks trophy tip comes from Flower. I know, I know, how could a game like Flower need a tip for one of the trophies, but it does. 530 more words


Destiny Daily 12/22/14: World Resets Tomorrow, Daily Bounties, Last Day of the Iron Banner

Tomorrow brings about the weekly world reset that we all look forward to. Another chance for loot from running a different Nightfall, more Strange Coins to earn from doing the Weekly Heroic, more chances to get loot from the raids, and of course more Marks to earn. 733 more words


OlliOlli releasing on PS3, PS4, PC, Mac this summer

OlliOlli will be a cross-buy release on PlayStation devices.        http://ift.tt/OOqJOH

Upcoming JP Games This Week - The Irregular at Magic High School

Since it is the holidays, most of the games have already been released save for these. And yeah, Japan finally gets the Irregular at Magic High School. 46 more words


Game of the Year 2014: #10 - P.T.

Are you ready for a list of arbitrarily ranked games to mark the end of another year? I know I am!

As always, I’ll begin this with the disclaimer that I think ranking things numerically is a stupid, stupid thing to do. 602 more words


The Evil Within (PS4)

My favorite franchise out there is Silent Hill. I remember going to the video store with my brothers as a kid and was told to make sure the game I picked was a multiplayer one so everyone could play. 555 more words

New Game Releases for 12/22 - 12/28: Meet the New Games, Same as the Old Games

There is nothing technically “new” coming out this week. I guess Santa’s elves have made all the new games they’re going to make this year. 256 more words

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