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Which path will you choose? Left or RIGHT?

Well let us tell you a little bit about what happened to our friend who chose left… 443 more words

And we're back with...

Sorry for the somewhat enforced absence, Chieners – our Head Hound has been somewhat distracted with the recruitment windmill.  Still, now that he’s got a new gig lined up, it’s time to revive the startling, the surprising and the downright ‘Encore! 125 more words

Fun Stuff

Chronic Inflammation May Be Linked to Aggressive Prostate Cancer

PHILADELPHIA — The presence of chronic inflammation in benign prostate tissue was associated with high-grade, or aggressive, prostate cancer, and this association was found even in those with low prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels, according to a study published in… 725 more words


Day 12 NaPoWriMo: It's Torture Time

Prose alert ….

“It’s Torture Time”

She had only been sober ten days, but

making her way home, walking past the patios

as the heat rose from the sidewalk, 734 more words


Emerson College/Bird Street Anti-Violence PSA

A video Public Service Announcement produced and edited by the students of Bird Street, with the guidance and support of Emerson College students and faculty. The aim of this civic engagement initiative is to listen and to document the stories and experiences of Bird Street students, as a foundation for this grass roots advocacy project.

We Now Have A Song About Poo, Yes, It's Serious

Thanks to UNICEF, we now have a song about poo. Stop giggling like a 10 year old, this is serious. Take The Poo To The Loo is a… 61 more words


Your next missions: PSA and news stories

Public service announcements

  • informs audience about pressing issues and lays out a course of action
  • are creative in storytelling > storyboarding
  • appeal to the heart…
  • 100 more words
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