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B Vitamins for the Soul

I’m in Switzerland as I write this, so our Thanksgiving dinner is finished, leftovers are in the fridge (or on the balcony) and the dishwasher is purring. 556 more words


Coming Soon... Psalm 119

In the first half of 2014 I made an extended Bible study as part of my devotional time with God, re-reading Psalm 119 – known to some Bibletriviaphiles as the longest chapter and Psalm in Scripture.  1,178 more words


Sin by any other name remains the same

We can dress it up in the finest clothes,

give it a respectable name.

We can rationalize it,

and we can celebrate it…

But it still remains sin. 33 more words

On Word, Law and Life: Never to Forget

Continuing my 2014 repeat of On Word, Law and Life, in response to Psalm 119.

                        Never to Forget

Never-ending words have been written in… 181 more words

Poetry, Reflecting On Scripture

The #1 Most Important Part of My Day

I have started writing my new free gift for December Followers which will be available on December 1, and over the next five days, I want to share with you what many November Followers have already received.   653 more words


Depart From Me...

Antinomianism is alive and well in the professing church today.   It won’t take you long, or many Facebook conversations, to find out the reality of this statement. 891 more words


The Power of Words

All three readings for this morning speak of words. The Book of Revelation (10:8-11) and the Psalm (119, vs. 103) create strong visual images. The first is of “a voice from heaven” to John that commands him to swallow a scroll (!) after which he is to prophesy – apparently about what he has eaten which, by the way, soured his stomach. 277 more words