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Israel and Psalm 83 War


Sometimes we do what the Lord tells us to do whether we think we are capable of doing so or not.  I have seen several things showing me the Psalm 83 scripture and feel that it is important to discuss.  798 more words

30 Rockets in Ten Minutes

Hamas lets rockets fly against Israel, with 150 rockets fired through Sunday and another 100 falling today, as Hamas ramps up attacks on Israel’s south. 427 more words

Israel Commentary

Psalm 83 and Caliphate Revisited

The Muslim Caliphate and The Psalm 83 War: The Domino Theory Ends Here

(This is a reprint of my post of February 19, 2011. It seems more appropriate than ever.) 901 more words

Israel Commentary

Palestinians hail unity as new government sworn in

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas swore in the ministers of a new unity government Monday afternoon after Gaza’s Hamas rulers and Abbas’s Fatah resolved a last-minute disagreement over a key government ministry. 530 more words

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Israel PM denounces Palestinian unity deal

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s prime minister called on world leaders Sunday not to recognize the Palestinian unity government expected to be formed Monday because of its affiliation with the militant group Hamas. 63 more words

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