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Believing in the Impossible Essay

Random essay I wrote, about my beliefs. I needed a place to archive it here, so here it goes :P

Date written: 6/3/2014

I believe in the impossible. 574 more words

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Watch A Chinese PSA Featuring A Graffiti-Loving Panda Pissing On A Bridge

Terrific news out of China today, as a creative agency has created a PSA that features a man dressed in a giant panda costume pissing on a bridge in Australia. 191 more words


Spirit Day 2014 #SpiritDay2014 #SpiritDay

Benji is wearing purple today in honour of Spirit Day 2014. As a former bully victim who is openly bisexual, he stands firmly against bullying, especially that of his fellow members of the LGBT community. 15 more words


Creepy Links - October 16, 2014

He supposed he could believe in monsters if he really had to; monsters were no big deal…Shitfire and save matches, monsters were cheap!  Who needed a five-buck movie ticket when you could read about them in the paper for thirty-five cents, or hear about them on the radio for free? 

188 more words

Public understanding of cyclone warning in India: Can wind be predicted?

Biswanath Dash

In spite of meteorological warning, many human lives are lost every year to cyclone mainly because vulnerable populations were not evacuated on time to a safe shelter as per recommendation. 97 more words


Do PSAs Take a Bite Out of Shark Week? The Effects of Juxtaposing Environmental Messages With Violent Images of Shark Attacks

Jessica Gall Myrick, Suzannah D. Evans

A between-subjects experiment (N = 531) studied the juxtaposition of programming from the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week with shark conservation public service announcements (PSAs). 79 more words


It's Wrong To Laugh At This Guy's Misfortune But I Can't Help It

Remember to lift with your legs when moving heavy things because all it took was a slipped disc in this poor guy’s back to cause what has to be the most peculiar affliction I have ever seen…Persistant Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS).

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