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Superbowl Sunday

This Sunday an expected 184 million Americans will tune in to watch the New England Patriots face off against the Seattle Seahawks in Superbowl XLIX. A tough game is expected with the two competitors evenly matched in their strategy, physicality, and aggression. 325 more words

Public Health


PSAS-the Pakenham Street Art Studios-have a new exhibition that is very relevant to Fremantle. Artist Zora Avila questions in her exhibition Next Level Bullshit when-or if-graffiti is art and if tagging is just like dogs leaving their marks. 240 more words


Surviving Fallout - Rural Civil Defense - 1965 - 4/10

Greetings, friends! Today we’ll continue with our Rural Civil Defense film series. In today’s (admittedly pretty boring) segment, we’ll get to hear our puppet farmer friend liken the risk of nuclear annihilation to that of an “Indian” attack in olden times. 50 more words

Fallout Shelters

Watch the Gap and Mind Your Manners

Recently, I’ve noticed, as all New Yorkers have, a huge campaign on the part of the MTA to encourage train-riding etiquette.

Not only will you see subway ads of reminders of dos and don’ts …. 368 more words

My Writing


Turns out that I draw mushroom clouds basically the same way I draw trees.

Evil PSA


Hey, sorry for the late update and also that it’s another PSA (psh my PSAs are awesome I’m not actually sorry). Next week is likely to be another PSA as well; right now life is kicking my trash.

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