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It's Wrong To Laugh At This Guy's Misfortune But I Can't Help It

Remember to lift with your legs when moving heavy things because all it took was a slipped disc in this poor guy’s back to cause what has to be the most peculiar affliction I have ever seen…Persistant Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS).

WTF? Video Of The Day

Fall Updates

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably noticed that I’m behind on a lot of reviews. For that, I apologize from the bottom of my internet-heart. The reality is, as much as I would like for me to be my job that pays the bills, it’s not. 202 more words

The Knick

The Top 10 Peace Corps PSAs and Ads

Some of us volunteers were recently hanging out together with a couple RPCVs from Mongolia. The RPCVs showed us a particularly bad video about Peace Corps, which will go unnamed here. 1,470 more words

Philosophy Security Advisory System II

.  We at PSAS central are raising the PSAS alert to HIGH.

Since the introduction of PSAS, the terrorist threat to philosophers has evolved from an epistemologically challenged terror organization located in the ungovernable Great Lakes region of North America to a loosely organized confederation of Overly Sensitive Internet Stormtroopers (OSIS).   42 more words

Blog Matters


This is just a brief post to explain why I haven’t been posting!
Basically, my real life has taken over and I haven’t had much chance to create my recurring characters for my series! 64 more words


So You Wanna Hire A Sex Worker?

Responsibility does not fall on the worker alone. Whether you are a veteran or a neophyte, keep these tips in mind and be the good john.