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On Writing Under a Pseudonym

I am not Miranda Cane.

My name is something else – and, to illustrate how unreasonable I am, my name is recognized as a bit of an authority in another world. 482 more words

Author Platform Building

Alvaro de Campos alias Fernando Pessoa und das Leben als entzogenes Abenteuer

“Wir alle haben zwei Leben:
das wahre, dass wir uns in der Kindheit erträumten
und als Erwachsene weiterträumen auf Nebelgrund;
das falsche, was wir gemeinsam mit anderen verbringen, 1,292 more words


HOLY cat and mouse Regina!!

I JUST called using my pseudonym and spoke w/ you, in yet another of my famous recon missions gleaning/gathering information!!!! An hour later, you’re walking into my unwatched, unguarded … and… 64 more words


What's In A Pen Name?

The most common question I’ve gotten from friends and family when I tell them that I’m publishing a book is:

Why are you using a pen name? 263 more words

Pen Name

Pen Names and Porn Names

A couple of events covered in the news during the past few months have connected in my brain, and these have caused me to think about the use of fake names in artistic/creative endeavors. 1,062 more words


Pseudonym. Alias. Nickname. Whatever.

For unexplained reasons, people are more bothered about my name on the social networking sites rather than the kind of person I am (?!). Many have been asking if Nina Ashley Lynx is my real full name so I have decided to finally answer that infamous question here, since most of the people wondering are readers of this blog anyway. 121 more words

To Use a Pen Name or to Not Use a Pen Name, that is the question

Typically, our parents decide our name. Having filled out the paperwork myself, for my offspring, I can guarantee that no where on the forms does it request the child’s input.You can, of course, legally change your name. 497 more words