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Real-Time Sensor Networks Give a Voice to the Planet

Embedded sensors give once-silent systems a voice, and it turns out they have plenty to say. 

You don’t need a therapist to tell you communication is the key to a healthy relationship. 509 more words


Ingenious Label Design Ensures Food Safety

Story provided by PSFK – 

TO-GENKYO has designed an innovative hourglass shaped label for packaged meat which uses a special ink that changes color as ammonia is released inside the package. 69 more words


The Maker Movement is on Fire

During Chicago Ideas Week (CIW) week of 13 October, socialdeviant is hosting a makers forum entitled “Turning Thoughts into Things.”

We’ll talk about how we took an idea – being the world’s kindest company – and turned it into an operating model for the company. 246 more words

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Experiencing the Northern Lights with Arduino

Many travelers consider the Northern Lights to be a mysterious phenomenon that is nearly impossible to explain to someone unless they have experienced it as well. 220 more words

Makers Movement

5 For Friday

While this photo seems to say, “Sun! Shades! Summer!”, I find myself not only thinking those things, but looking up and trying to take notice of some of the most beautiful summer days the city has had recently and will continue to have over the next week. 524 more words