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COOL TOOL TUESDAY: Top-Notch Networks for Thought Leaders and Trendspotters

Looking for resources that offer critical entrepreneurial advice and creative inspiration? We’ve tracked down three top-notch networks for thought leaders and trendspotters, and we’ll tell you why… 229 more words

Bridging Meaningful Connections Within the Internet of Things

When we are constantly broadcasting information about ourselves to the world around us, can it expand the ways our opportunities for interactions?

Any kid coming out of grade school is familiar with the five senses. 622 more words

Carib Guerra

Will Your Next Gadget Be Your New Guru?

To be happy. That, according to the Dalai Lama, is the purpose of life. Aristotle touted happiness as humanity’s highest aim. You may not agree but it’s a good bet that, in your own life, living well and doing well in your chosen pursuits are ideas you can get behind. 419 more words

the internet at your place - affixed to your fruit bowl, bonded to your bag of potatoes

The Internet of Things is term that’s been kicking around for a while now. Basically, it means making objects smarter by connecting them in some way to the www. 95 more words

The Real World Web Report

Internet of Things trendinin gerçek hayatta uygulandığı 10 tema