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Sometimes I Just Want to Curl up and Go to Sleep

Ever have those weeks when all you do is want to just curl up and go to sleep? Escape from it all? When you’ve been hurt or let down..I think that we all have those weeks or days when we just want to run away. 387 more words

My Days At Church Are Numbered

I feel that my days at this church are numbered. What I fear for a long long time is happening. I once promised myself that I wouldn’t put myself in this situation and I somehow knew that this could happen. 1,405 more words

Psalm 6-Gift of Salvation

I once mingled with vipers
Drank their venom as if it were milk
I once hoisted myself above others
Not realizing my platform was that of manure… 210 more words


Psalm 5-The Treasure in the Desert

O Lord, how lost and arid I was without You;
A vagabond who knew neither himself nor You,
A vagrant poor of title, treasure, or worth, 234 more words


Psalm 4-A Humble Psalm to the Spirit

Rejoice, O my Soul,
For the Lord lives within you!
He has made His Person of Power,
Dwell inside something meek and imperfect;

The Holy Spirit is the fire kindling our soul, 274 more words