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Horrible Chinese

Hey Boredoms!

So, I guess I didn’t have the energy and “inspiration” to post this yesterday :P If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then click… 426 more words

Exams :'(


On 26 September, the entire week will be PSLE. 1 Mic with mic stand has to be in Audi before 0715 everyday. Mic 9 ok?

Maths Tuition Centre: Circle Fraction Question (PSLE)


The total area is made up of 4 semicircles and four of the area X. (4S+4X)

The unshaded area is made up of 1 semicircle and one of the area X. 10 more words

Maths Tuition Centre


Well guys, I’m tired out from freakin out. (see what i did there?) And I’m super tired now.I wish myself all the best for my PSLE. 14 more words

Random But Important Stuff

HoliDAY! & other stuff

Hey Boredoms!

So , we have a holiday! Seriously a holiDAY. It’s literally only one day which isn’t even actually a holiday but still no school right? 386 more words


G Juice; What to do when your major exam starts IN 24 DAYS!

For Singaporeans, you will know what I’m talking about. PSLE!!!! OMG!! :(
My prelim English oral IS TOMORROW LIKE OMG!
So, I have one solution. STUDY! 54 more words

G Juice