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Is your child ready for the PSLE/GCE ‘O’ Level ?


Is your child ready for the PSLE/GCE ‘O’ Level ?

For more education tips to help your child prepare for the PSLE please visit

http://educationsuccesscoach.com/blog/newsletter… 494 more words


Let's Learn Mathematics (Primary Level) -- Model Method 1

Do you have a model ruler?

This is the question that my students ask me when they are solving Mathematics questions that need to draw model. 385 more words


Parents, How do you ensure a "Successful Life" for your Singaporean child?

Hello everyone,

in Singapore, where income inequality and an obvious distinction between the elite and peasants, you have to forgive peasants who genuinely do not see any hope for their children to grow up to be successful. 97 more words


Sorry :/

Hi guys, Nicey here :3

Sorry I haven’t been posting! It’s been a busy year for me–last year in Primary School, and I think I’ve explained this before, but there’s a big exam at the end of the year called PSLE which is gonna take eons to study for, so basically ALL the projects are crammed into the first six months of the year. 32 more words


Updated Primary Science Syllabus 2014

MOE, Singapore, released a new Primary Science Syllabus in year 2013 for implementation from AY2014.

This syllabus has an important shift in focus that many schools might not be quite ready to grasp and implement. 423 more words

PSLE to Degree: Dad’s Role in My Singapore Education

The joke about the Singaporean education system that parents are more stressed than children is perhaps rooted in our Asian culture, which prizes education as a platform for success. 1,161 more words

Dads' Stories

My 1976 Report Book - St Stephen's School, Singapore

Blast from the past. My primary six report book from St. Stephen’s School, Singapore. I also found my St. Patrick’s one, which I’ll upload another time. 29 more words