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PSLE Year Week 3 Update

Other than the pace really picking up, this has been a fairly quiet week for BB & GG. They do have homework every single day – even on Thursdays, the CCA day – when teachers used to go easy on them as they would be in school for almost 11 hours that day! 31 more words


Dyspraxia - The Clumsy Boy Syndrome

Dyspraxia – the clumsy boy syndrome

In his early years, we could never figure out what was different about Big D. We knew he was not quite the usual boy. 770 more words


PSLE - The Wake Up Call

When it comes to education, Singapore does not have much room for you to take your time, if you want your kid to excel in studies. 370 more words


PSLE - Meet The Parents Session & Teacher Class Allocation

The hall was completely filled this time round. In previous years, the hall is usually only half filled. But this time round, it was completely full. 719 more words


PSLE - The First Trimester

Big D is taking his PSLE this October. Back when he was in P1, I wondered how I would ever get by the PSLE year. Now that I’m in it, I feel almost blasé about the entire thing, not that I’m looking forward to the next 9 months. 315 more words


PSLE Year Week 2 Update

On Thursday, I was in BB & GG’s school to talk to their teachers about their DSA plus attend the P6 Curriculum Talk. It was very illuminating to say the least. 781 more words


PSLE Year Week 1 Update

Another update that I wanted to do as a seperate post was on BB & GG’s final year in Primary School. They will give their PSLE exam this year in October and this weekly update should serve as a diary of sorts for me, to use as a guide of how they are doing in school this year and what we as parents can do to make the transition to secondary school easier. 374 more words