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Game Review: Towerfall Ascension

This review was an unfinished draft destined for obscurity a month or two ago, but now Sony has announced that the game is free on Playstation Plus this month, so hello relevance! 1,344 more words


What Would You Like to See Changed in Destiny Now That the Beta is Over?

Now that the Destiny Beta is over, I’m sure many of you have had a chance to thoroughly explore the world of Destiny, whether it be roaming the Russian Cosmodrome or spending hours battling it out in the Crucible. 272 more words

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Interview with #TPwn writer @2xpHunter

When did you first become a member of Team Pwnage?

I’ve been with TPwn for a little over a year now. I think I joined sometime in June 2013 and it’s been awesome. 492 more words


The Swapper Review on PlayStation 4 & PS Vita

When it comes to really unique and creative indie games, you can usually count on Curve Studios to deliver. They seem to know just which titles to publish and each of them bring something new and different to the table. 1,055 more words

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'Dragon's Crown' Sells Over 900,000 Units Worldwide

The 2013 side-scrolling dungeon crawler from Vanillaware and Atlus, Dragon’s Crown reached an industry milestone earlier this week, as the Sony-exclusive has sold over 900,000 units.


Sony offers games as part of $15m Playstation Network breach settlement

Sony has offered gamers digital goods as part of a $15m settlement in the 2011 PlayStation Network (PSN) data breach case.

In April 2011, the Japanese electronics firm discovered an external intrusion which prompted it to shut PSN down for several weeks. 632 more words


Sony Settles for $17.75 Million in 2011 PSN Hacking Lawsuit

It’s been three years since the big PlayStation Network hacking incident that saw the PSN having to be shut down for 24 days and the personal information of 77 million users stolen. 305 more words