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Healing the psoas wholistically

There are many authoritative books and articles claiming that the psoas is possibly the most important muscle in the body.  Interestingly every time I do a kinesiology muscle test using the psoas, on anyone, it shows either under facilitation or over facilitation (which is a possible weakness or/and tightness).   955 more words


Hip Centration With Psoas Exercise

Activate the psoas muscle to help centration of the hip. The psoas muscle helps to center the femur in the socket, tight hip flexors decentrate the femur.


A new perspective...

One of the joys of running a yoga studio, is that I get to decide the classes & workshops on offer, and very often I am delighted to choose things I would like to try myself! 733 more words

Yoga for Athletic Recovery

I added a new yoga class to my teaching schedule this week. Yoga for Athletic Recovery at Next Level Fitness Studio. I taught my first class yesterday and I am super excited about the possibilities of this class! 714 more words


Practice: Supta Baddha Konasana / Supine Bound Angle Pose


Supta = ‘Supine’    Baddha = ‘Bound’    Kona = ‘Angle’    Asana = ‘Posture’


A great way to passively release tension from the hips, Supta Baddha Konasana primarily opens the psoas and the inner thighs (adductor muscles). 1,053 more words