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The psoas is not a hip flexor!

I know, you just fell over after you read the title, right?  Or you’re continuing to read with growing skepticism, ready to defend your stance that the psoas is the root of all your problems because you have tight hips.   621 more words


We’ve all heard of rehab – or the process of getting back to training after an injury. But what if you could prevent the injury in the first place? 486 more words


Yoga Recipe: Highway to High lunge! Plus groovy feelings!


Back with another yoga recipe, this time it´s a variation of high lunge – a pose which is a super stretch and strength builder for the legs and great for working on balance and focus. 383 more words


Low back pain #3 (video practice)

This is part three in the low back pain series that I wrote about earlier this month. The 30 minute basic and gentle practice is for beginners as well as elite athletes who need a recovery practice. 20 more words

Pain in your back and what you can do

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints I hear among yoga students. The lumbar spine ( lower back) is not isolated from the rest of your body but works closely with the function of your hips and gluteals. 612 more words

A Twist with a Twist

Foam rollers are an important tool for my own routine as well as my athletes’. I use them for self myofascial release, to help with alignment, to stretch and to release tension. 27 more words

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