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What is so hard to understand?

I went to a restaurant yesterday for lunch. I explained to the server I had a gluten & nightshade sensitivity. I told him what nightshadeswere. I ordered grilled salmon . 121 more words

Erythema Nodosum

The mountain doesn't care what size it is!

This post will tell you about pre-running life, or at least the 10 months building up to it. As mentioned in my first post, after deciding I was stuck with the lady (and being too lazy to look into getting an upgrade), we decided to set a wedding date. 1,098 more words


Well that didn't go as planned....

I was so excited…. I found a recipe to make gluten free all purpose flour. Use 20% of two starch flours each and 30% of two grain flours. 186 more words

GLuten Free

Some News!

I’m super excited to have some news! We are scheduled for transfer #2! Yipeeee!!

The clinic messaged me yesterday with my new protocol. We don’t have an exact transfer date, it’s a little trickier when you are transferring fresh embryos rather than frozen ones. 288 more words

How slowly I go...

Confucius tells us it does not matter how slowly we go, as long as we do not stop.

I thought I knew better… Damn that beasty! 339 more words


Just Keep Swimming...

I was a competitive swimmer for many years.  I made it through 6 days a week practices morning AND afternoon, 5:00am practices, practices in the middle of winter in a pool with no heat, three hour “special Practices”, meets twice a week, frozen swimsuits, first place, last place, false starts, and personal records-some broken and some not broken. 606 more words


Half Marathon Training: Week 1

Alright, I know I’ve been seriously slacking in the blog department.

My last post was the start of my winter running/training that was supposed to prepare me for the half training.   458 more words