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Slow your roll, yo...

At this point I am not sure how much of a ‘running’ blog this will be, my body seems to be hell bent on slowing my roll. 125 more words


Fun, Sun, and Guilt

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks.  Dealt with bowel issues and crushing pain throughout my ribs along with my normal pain.  The rib pain, otherwise known as the MS hug, let up yesterday allowing me to enjoy going to the movies with friends and family.  497 more words


April: the month of prep

My 5 miler is the 27th of April, which means April has officially turned into “Prep Month”. And this week was a great start to that. 441 more words


"Uncle, I Say, Uncle!"

                      Eeeeeenough! OK? How can I form a truce with this fibro and psoriatic arthritis? Anyone know? Please one and piss the other off or so it seems.  475 more words


Pain: Muscle, Not Joint!

For anybody that is suffering with Psoriatic Arthritis, they understand how much the title of this post means.

I am having trouble walking today because I pushed myself at the gym and it feels like every muscle in my body has seized up on me.   417 more words

Psoriatic Arthritis: advancements in medicine

I recently signed up to receive news from the Arthritis Foundation and on Wednesday I got an email which was all about a new medication called Otezla (Apremilast), that has just been approved by the FDA for Psoriatic Arthritis. 334 more words

Bad Joints

The joy of over extending.

When I go into the doctors office I often tell him with exuberance that I am doing great.  That I am dancing, hiking, working.  He often smiles almost sadly and nods and says, but how is your pain?  693 more words