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PlayStation Move - What It Does and How It Works

PlayStation Move is a next generation gaming controller which uses motion sensing technology.The advent of this highly sophisticated device has created a new wave which is capturing the imagination of new age gamers. 406 more words


All Day Anime with Dylan: The World Only God Knows

The World God Only Knows focuses on high school student Keima Katsuragi. Katsuragi is a genius, antisocial otaku (a term given to someone involved in a hobby to the point of obsession) obsessed with playing dating sims. 690 more words

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Playthrough

This is a playthrough of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Because of the way I play, I won’t be recording extra missions due to the fact I could be spending a long time in there leveling my stuff up, so it’ll just be the story stuff you see. 9 more words


Week 12 of Tales of Rebirth

When we last left off in Tales of Rebirth, Veigue and company had just been ordered by a sacred beast to get their collective butts to Belsas. 948 more words


PSP: Memoirs of Usamah ibn Munqidh

It’s time for a l’il PSP (Primary Source Post).

At some point in your school career, your history teacher probably assigned you an essay and told you to use at least one primary source. 1,124 more words

How To Use Game Genie Codes On The PSP for NES (NesterJ Emulator)

PSP Game Genie Codes For NES

For This To Work You Will NEED CFW (Custom Firmware) On Your PSP And The NesterJ NES Emulator

To Get Custom Firmware On Your PSPĀ  177 more words


An Actual Find!

Score combined from Pemberville, OH garage sales and a local Goodwill. Around $25 for all. Years ago, a haul like this would have been a disappointment, but this year has been impossibly dry. 13 more words

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