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Last Practice Hike!

Tonight was the crews’ last practice hike. Every week, we would go to a tall hill in a neighboring town (the midwest is flat, hills are hard to find), and hike up and down, up and down. 66 more words

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Glocks and Kalashnikovs: Fisheries Enforcement Polish Style!

When the Iron Curtain came crashing down in 1989, nobody predicted the effect this would have on angling in Britain. The subsequent membership of the European Union by former communist states in Eastern Europe prompted immigration to Britain – and a clash of angling cultures swiftly followed. 2,548 more words


And to prove my point. . .

Today I called the bank to find out by what time I had to bring in a deposit in order for it to be credited to my account on this business day.  105 more words


Extinct phrase

Many animal and plant species appear to continue thriving indefinitely, but some other species seem to gradually move through a dying-out process.  Initially, they are prolific, but next their numbers dwindle somewhat, then they decline rapidly, then they’re put on the Endangered Species list, and eventually they become extinct.  245 more words



See the category QIP, PSC, PSR, PPS, DFC, and DFR for information on…

  • The ESRD Quality Incentive Program (QIP)
  • The QIP Performance Score Certificate (PSC)
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My tumbling lesson

Andrew’s had a nearly two-month break from tumbling.  First, there was a two-week or so break at the Y.  Then our older kids were coming home, and the reunion was coming up, and those things were priority over tumbling classes, so I didn’t sign him up for the early May to mid-June session.  335 more words


Packing List

Be sure to check out my Philmont Packing List. I will be updating it several times prior to the trip, and then after the trip, as a reflection of what was truly needed, and what isn’t.

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