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Time, times, and half a time

I’m still here.  really.  I took a little blogging hiatus mainly because a health issue made life difficult for a while, but I am much better now – actually back to about 90% strength and climbing.  604 more words


Breadcrumbs, Benjamins, and Big Changes

Earlier this month I was in Berkeley, California to check out Pacific School of Religion. Leading up to the trip, I was concerned about everything from paying too much for transportation to the weather being too gloomy. 565 more words

Snapshot: How not to let your kid learn about the origins of Easter

I was only five years old when I learned about crucifixion. If I were in your place I might be wondering “Who the hell teaches their five-year-old about crucifixion?” but I want to absolve my parents in this. 645 more words


Strange Encounters II

As I concluded the previous post, I argued that the Deleuzian extension of Hume’s project entailed both the affirmation of monism (Spinoza) and multiplicity (Hume). This point is made crystal clear in A Thousand Plateaus when Deleuze and Guattari announce that “pluralism = monism” (ATP, p. 1,027 more words

Strange Encounters

One of my favorite passages from Hume actually occurs twice – in the Treatise and the Enquiry. This is the passage where Hume offers up the example of the man with normally functioning faculties who is suddenly placed into a strange, unfamiliar environment. 1,257 more words


De Souburgse debatten

 van onze verslaggever – Na Panta Rhei en Ter Reede was er gisteren het grote Souburg debat. Een herhaling van zetten met wat we in Ter Reede al hadden mogen horen, met wel een paar accentverschillen: de ‘Kwikstaart zaal’ (what’s in a name) zat vol met vooral oudere dames, en de POV was nu ook aanwezig (met helaas een weinig inspirerende presentatie zodat de noodzakelijke ‘Souburgse en Ritthemse twisten’ uitbleven).


Updates so far.

With 2/3 of a quarter gone, i am looking at a slight loss so far with my biggest loss from Dukang at  about -20% and biggest gain from Global invacom at 22.5%. 284 more words