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IMCEAEX NDRs after migrating PSTs to Office 365

In recent project, we helped a company diverge from their parent organization to a new domain. As a result of the separation, the parent company decided to only provide PST files that we would use to populate the Office 365 mailboxes. 415 more words

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It's Official

I am now a Peace Corps Volunteer. It’s a title that’s really interesting to use and that we’ve all been working toward for the last 11 weeks. 544 more words

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Risking Something New

I’ve never knowingly and willingly made so many mistakes in my entire life.  After our orientation with our entire Nica 644 group at a nice hotel in Managua, we left the safety of English and the comfort of American-ish living.  762 more words

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Wrapping Up PST

The last few weeks of PST went by very quickly. Language classes became more difficult as the LCFs started blowing through entire sections of the book in a single lesson, whereas before we would spend at least a couple days on each section. 781 more words

¡Bievenidos a Nicaragua!

It is with great excitement, anticipation, and confidence in the Nicaragua Peace Corps team that I write to you this inaugural blog post from Managua, Nicaragua.   422 more words

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It's Christmas!

It’s hard to explain how much mail and packages from home mean to a Peace Corps Trainee. The instant boost provided by a box of goodies from home or just a seeing a few written words from a friend is immense, to say the least. 508 more words

Penultimate Full Week of PST

This week has been, in short, pretty great.

Aside from feeling cautiously optimistic, digestive system-wise, our training sessions this week were focused on a topic that I find extremely interesting, I received a clutch package from home, and I decided that I might actually like (a certain type of) nsima. 1,021 more words