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  Grave Encounters is Canadian-American found footage horror film released in 2011. The film follows the crew of a paranormal reality tv programme, who lock themselves inside a haunted psychiatric hospital, in search of actual evidence of the paranormal. 24 more words


A Routine.

I felt the sad come back.

I keep pushing it away… ignoring it.

I’ll pretend I never knew that feeling, that it never possessed me. 317 more words

The Paranoia, it will Destroy Ya - How I Ended up in the Psychiatric Hospital (Part 3)

Why was I so paranoid in the hospital?

Well, first of all I went from freely living my life, to being tied down to the bed in an ambulance, and then a hospital room within minutes. 2,705 more words


Simple Things

This picture means a lot to me. Not much to look at, is it? But I used to run alongside this creek, back in 2009 Рthe year I replaced drinking with jogging as my coping mechanism for stress (and lost 20kg in the process, yay!). 544 more words

Mental Health

Attempt at getting better. Failed ?

So… I spent a week in a psychiatric hospital.

I went voluntarily for the first time ever.

Oh boy did I regret it.

I came back home today, well, actually it’s tomorrow already 2:00 am… 821 more words