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Sent to Coventry

The corridors
Within the city walls
With the sound of torment
And in Coventry Central Hall
Coffee cups rub up against crucifixes

February was an unforgiving month… 103 more words


The good stuff doesn't last

Lows hurt that much more when you know what you’re missing. You tell yourself you need to be positive, so you think ‘okay, well at least I had a day and a half of feeling better’, but the sense of satisfaction is hollow. 405 more words


MQ goes to day hospital

As the title suggests, today was my first day up at the day patient section of my local psychiatric hospital. I was pretty nervous as I headed over there, and it didn’t help that I happened to see Dr T on the way (in passing, just enough to remind me that he probably wouldn’t approve of my current treatment regime). 354 more words


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The activity can result in touchiness at home. The manager can result in tension. Living with in-laws can be a street to splitsville. Anyway then these are normal issues for some and not so for others. 107 more words


Does Amanda Bynes's mother regret telling everyone that her daughter does not have a mental illness?

Amanda Bynes’s tweets and recent actions show that she is obviously not doing well.

In May, when the stories first were breaking that Amanda Bynes had done some “crazy” things, was arrested for DUI, and then was admitted to a psychiatric hospital, it prompted me to write… 567 more words

It's not just the patients who are crazy...

This morning when the psych hospital called to check up on me, they suggested that I could come in and see a psychiatric nurse that afternoon. 635 more words


It just hurts

Last night was rough, and I had hoped that the increased mirtazapine (Remeron) dose would bring it to an end…but no. If anything, it was harder to get to sleep, which was bad timing. 367 more words