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I'm holding on to Your promises

Dave: That smile on your face…let me guess…you took a break today?

Me: A break…from what?

Dave: From carrying a burden much too heavy for your delicate shoulders. 1,144 more words

Love Should Be So Much More...

If you're still breathing, you're the lucky ones

I’m feeling optimistic about the future. Wow, I honestly never thought I would ever say that. Today has been a strange day. It feels like there is an air of sadness surrounding me today but it’s not a “I want to lock myself in a room and cry for days.” Sort of sadness, it’s more of a “I understand how far I have came and I’m sad I lost so many years being sad.” Ironic, I’m sad about happy. 69 more words


Passing of a neighbour

My neighbour recently died, she took an overdose of heroin, whilst we can’t decide if this was a suicide attempt or just a relapse from drugs, its safe to say it was sudden and we all became distraught and shocked. 368 more words

Self Harm

When the time is right and there's no way out

You know what? Sometimes you just have to pick yourself up and dust yourself off because no one else is going to do that for you. 56 more words


I've got high hopes

So I agreed with my nurse while I was inpatient that I would try a distraction technique to prevent me from self-harming. Writing was the one that I felt would work the best so here goes. 71 more words


Back from the Psych Ward

Dear World,

I kinda sorta tried to off myself because I was desperate gave up on life and ended up in… yep, the adolescent inpatient unit for the third time in the mental hospital. 561 more words


” 60 Minute Makeover”

A photo from a our explore around Stallington Hall Psychiatric Hospital in Staffordshire. The photo caption is humorously ironic especially if you are familiar with the TV programme 60 minute makeover as the place has been completely and utterly trashed and at one point I nearly went through the floorboards when exploring further into one of the fire damaged rooms. 82 more words