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I make a living assisting residents of a psychiatric residential facility get through their daily lives.

Or rather, their nights, as I work the night shift. 184 more words


Natural light makes for happier, more alert nurses

Hospital patients seeking the best possible care may be advised to consider the health and well-being of the nurses who look after them. New research suggests nurses who work in natural light have lower blood pressure, are in better moods when they serve patients, and show other signs of improved well-being over nurses who work in artificially lit surroundings with fewer windows. 523 more words

Cathy S. Uhde RN

US nursing supplies boosted by RNs' delayed retirement

Older registered nurses are working longer than in the past, one reason that the nation’s supply of RNs has grown substantially in recent years, according to a new study. 334 more words

Cathy S. Uhde RN

My Great Escape: finding the roads to freedom

Last month, I read a letter in The Psychologist:

“Professor Alec Rodger . . . at Birkbeck, underlined that in developing a career there were at least two opposing strategies . 549 more words

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“Hello, there.”
I swivelled 90 degrees and observed the svelte figure of Carol weaving through the coffee tables towards me. She had clearly spent the morning in the bathroom as usual, with freshly tinted hair, sparkling teeth and the intermingling aromas of shampoo, anti-perspirant and patchouli oil intoxicating all in her wake. 559 more words

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My job

Over the past week, I have been blessed to work with a number of young female patients on the ward.

I think working with young females is just amazing. 494 more words

One A Day

Patients, well everybody, just want to be heard

I worked on a busy psychiatric ward today. Nurses rushing around trying to get things done, and patients just wanting answers. I could imagine that it’s hard enough as it is for patients to be in that environment, so the last thing that they need is to be dismissed when reaching out for help. 646 more words