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I am so so frustrated today. I live in a small town(at least we have a movie theatre and bowling alley) but still. There’s only like 2 psychiatrists and one of them doesn’t have an appointment open until January!!! 610 more words


Hello Polypharmacy

Another day, another psychiatrist…and a GP follow-up for good measure. Three new prescriptions. This is what an acute episode looks like in MentalMaeWorld. Endless wandering among practitioners as you attempt to assemble a care team that will help you pass yourself off as a functioning member of society. 559 more words

Uncomfortable? Think of Other Guy

An old Scottish pastor, upon hearing I have Bipolar disorder, asked me what it felt like. I’d never really had anyone ask me what it “felt like.” I’m not sure there are words for it. 545 more words


A mental health professional and tattoo? Really? What!?

How do you view tattoos? Are you okay with them? Does it matter to you what the tattoo is or means? For many people, “body art” is either the object of much criticism or the object of a strong personal association with a belief or person. 97 more words

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Shrinks Don't Wear Neckties

…and it’s probably just as fucking well too.  If my current shrink had worn a necktie, I’d have sat there, just itching with desire to choke him with it during three out of four of our visits. 375 more words

How do I even?

I’ve been MIA for a few days – I am still in the hospital and until now have not been bothered to drag my laptop out of its bag. 276 more words

Mental Health

"What the Therapist Thinks About You"

Interesting reflections on psychiatrists’ sharing session notes with patients. Do some parallels suggest themselves for our teaching practice?

Source: Jan Hoffman in The New York Times