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Depression and Anxiety – which therapy is for you?

Although I usually don’t discuss specific diagnoses on this blog or for that matter refer to any therapy or technique, I think that it is important for me to share some of the knowledge that my clinical training has offered me. 1,568 more words

A Trinity of Psychs

ψ ψ ψ

Well, it’s official: I now have a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and a psychologist – a veritable trio of psychs!

Why so many psychs, you might ask? 467 more words

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My Life as a Rape Joke

The rape joke is that
It happened the first time when i was five
and my mother said “never let this happen again!”

The rape joke is that… 633 more words

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Huh, seems I am not the only one who was blamed by a psychiatrist for being raped. Apparently, telling rape victims it was their fault because their 'personality disorder' made them get raped is good practice now. Psychiatrists should be ashamed that BPD is even a diagnosis. It's revolting. What we all suffer is RTS/PTSD, or I was never with my ex boyfriend for six years of hell. Time to get rid of the misogynistic, archaic and untrue BPD label.

tax love

It was a timely question. A psychiatrist asked his patient on April 15 about the first time he discovered that he loves to pay taxes.


Finding the Right Psychiatrist

Recommendations can be gained from many sources such as a primary care doctor or friends who have seen particular psychiatrists. Getting a recommendation from a primary care doctor is a good idea, as they have a good insight into the situation and can possibly guide people towards the right psychiatrist for their particular needs. 343 more words


Simple Things

This picture means a lot to me. Not much to look at, is it? But I used to run alongside this creek, back in 2009 – the year I replaced drinking with jogging as my coping mechanism for stress (and lost 20kg in the process, yay!). 544 more words

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Will the Real Diana Please Stand Up?

Against my wishes and liking I am on antidepressants. It was a struggle to get me to agree to take them, a struggle to actually take them every day, and a struggle dealing with the effects of them. 1,127 more words