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Shrinks Don't Wear Neckties

…and it’s probably just as fucking well too.  If my current shrink had worn a necktie, I’d have sat there, just itching with desire to choke him with it during three out of four of our visits. 375 more words

How do I even?

I’ve been MIA for a few days – I am still in the hospital and until now have not been bothered to drag my laptop out of its bag. 276 more words

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"What the Therapist Thinks About You"

Interesting reflections on psychiatrists’ sharing session notes with patients. Do some parallels suggest themselves for our teaching practice?

Source: Jan Hoffman in The New York Times

Impersonalization Illustrated (4/5)

1959 Manchester Closed Class
Tape 278 -2
Impersonalization Illustrated
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 4 of 5

Now, to begin with, if I hadn’t had these thirty years of proof, you wouldn’t be a bit interested in hearing this. 1,500 more words


The First Flirt With Suicidal Notions

It was a cool October evening with the sun just dancing crimson and gold around the tree line in the woods. I was 12 or maybe 11 or younger –I forget –it was such a long time ago. 734 more words

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The Karen Difference

I have gone through a lot of case workers over the years in the mental health system I deal with where I live. It seems like at some point people just sort of came and went quickly and you never had a lasting contact to get to know. 677 more words

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