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Morning Messages

This morning I began writing a post. I was a good way through it and thought, “This doesn’t feel right. I’m not supposed to write about this today.” And I deleted the entire thing. 267 more words


The World Is Heavy

I am unsettled. Something is wrong and I cannot put my finger on it. There is a heaviness about the world, and in my specific world, that is foreboding. 565 more words


A Quick and Easy Guide to Colour Divination

I have posted my first new article on this site after what seems like an age…though in reality I am sure it can’t have been… 33 more words


Psychic Pets


  When it comes to animals and psychic ability, I have come to the hypothesis that animals are a lot like people in that they have varying degrees of psychic awareness. 638 more words

Close Encounter

MacArthur BART Station,
Oakland, CA, 1979

Deserted, sunny, the courtyard
in front of the subway station,
diagonally I started across
towards the entrance,

a black man, no one I knew, 48 more words


Intuition: Following Your Inner Voice


Intuition; we all have it. That little voice within us that gently prods us and clues us in to the world around us? Yeah, that. 643 more words

Spirit Messages: When and When NOT to Pass Them On

With all of the popularity of paranormal related shows on T.V., there is a topic I feel is frequently overlooked: When to pass on messages from the dead and when to keep mum about them. 1,102 more words