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Psychic Reading April 11th 2014 with Vickie Parker

Today screams to ‘take control of your life’. The only way you can actually do this is to take control of the car. So how do you do this? 63 more words

Intutive/Psychic Readings

Why I Choose to Teach

As I was planning my upcoming class on psychic self awareness, I began to consider the reasons why I share the things I share on this blog and why it is I feel I should teach. 547 more words

Self Reflection

Animal Spirit Messengers: The Owl

 Owls are often seen as reserved symbols of wisdom. They wait patiently for understanding to dawn on you; they may lead you to the answer, but you yourself must recognise it. 92 more words


Spirit Awareness

What Are Your Levels of Awareness?

Everyone has some kind of intuitive ability. Everyone is aware, on some level, of spirit; they are aware of those who passed away hovering close by; of impressions of people, places and things. 452 more words

Psychics And Mediums

One Minute Meditation for Regaining Peace

Ideally you should be seated.

Close your eyes. Concentrate on your breathing; take a couple of slow deep breaths. As you breath in, imagine you are inhaling peace, light and joy. 103 more words

Spiritual Development

Q&A: Stress and Anxiety Relief- Honoring Your Sensitivity

This past week, I received two separate questions on my Facebook from readers pertaining to the same topic. I have decided to include my responses on my blog, assuming many others may be dealing with stress and anxiety from our daily lives. 1,023 more words

New Age

Open The Door to Your Own Psychic Awakening

So many more people are having paranormal and psychic experiences than ever before and there is a reason for this.  It is the changing world.  The people of this world are in many wars and one of those wars is the war between good and evil.   1,222 more words