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Carla then said she psychically heard, "Go to pg. 42 - 2nd paragraph." I did that and it read, "You should go find him because he loves you."

Today I had the pleasure of a reading with Carla. I was a little anxious at first; however, Carla put me at ease. She was able to confirm a past life connection between my daughter and a gentleman. 175 more words

Psychic Carla Baron

Psychic Medium Carla Baron peers into a sudden tragedy where a Nova Scotian woman's brother was killed in an accident. The reading inspired a beautiful blossoming of her relationship with the brother's son left behind.

Hello, my name is Barbara Pinto, and I would love to share with anyone who is willing to listen to me.

So 6 years ago I had lost my brother, Raymond, in a tragic accident, and for many years I wanted to know if he was scared, or if he was ok. 175 more words

Psychic Carla Baron

Carla dropped a hint that "March" was a good month for me. Well March came, so I was not sitting there waiting, but curious. Well... low and behold - he was at my door last Saturday 3/15 @ 1am!

I spoke this day to find what or where I stood with this guy. Carla immediately said to me, “You reacted out of anger when he didn’t show up on Valentine’s Day.” (Which I did, but rightfully so, as a woman.) Carla stated that he was angry and not sure he bought how I reacted. 218 more words

Psychic Carla Baron