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She was skeptical as this had been her 1st psychic reading with Carla Baron - even tossed her session notes without thinking. Turns out - the things she remembered had ALL come to pass just as Carla predicted they would!!

This is my 2nd reading with Carla. My first one went great, but since it was my first time I was skeptical. I wrote down everything Carla had mentioned in my reading, but later tossed the paper. 140 more words

Psychic Carla Baron

"The first question was about my work situation and how I should handle it. Carla was to be proven correct about many facets of that prism of a problem, and I certainly look forward to the future now that I have bought her very accurate insight."

My being technologically inept just meant that my reading was off to a rocky start. Carla made sure that I still got it. Before, I kept going over her 23+ pages of testimonials, trying to convince myself that someone I had never met before was worth my entire paycheck. 131 more words

Psychic Carla Baron

Then two nights ago, I learned he is leaving the beginning of Dec. for a month - which will mean over Christmas and New Year's. It was EXACTLY as Carla said!

I had a reading with Carla earlier today, after having one about a month ago. I have been involved in a complicated romantic situation. I sought Carla’s expert skills starting in June. 549 more words

Psychic Carla Baron

Psychic Carla Baron's Timing Of Events Couldn't Be Any More Accurate!

I had a reading with Carla November 2nd. In the last two weeks I have been feeling all sorts of emotions from irritable to frustrated and things just didn’t seem to go how I wanted them to. 421 more words

Psychic Carla Baron

Carla saw where I will finish NP school in March (true - I said nothing of this date to her beforehand.) I will take the exam in March. Carla said with conviction, "You will do this."

Had a session with Carla today. My pressing concerns and questions regarding my daughter were answered. Carla reassured me the ‘storm’ will pass within 2 months, and provided to me some very important information. 140 more words

Psychic Carla Baron

Past Lives Help Explain Her Fear Of Abandonment In This Lifetime

I’ve had some short readings from Carla before, so I know what she says is spot on. I’ve had several confirmations, for example, one time she said this guy I was seeing is more about quality than quantity… and a couple weeks later – he told me that exact phrase. 601 more words

Psychic Carla Baron

"Haunting Evidence" Psychic Profiler Carla Baron Accurately Predicts Discovery Of Body Inside Car Pulled From Pond

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October 21 at 6:14pm

This matches my psychic read on what happened to Tony Luzio while filming an episode for “Haunting Evidence.” (Season 2, Ep 13) 251 more words

Psychic Carla Baron