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Life and Philosophies Of A Psychic Medium

The following transcript is a an interview with a professional psychic medium as the subject:

1 How long have you had your gift and how would you describe it? 1,022 more words


A Case Against SEO

Psychic mediums are some of the more interesting con artists still prevalent in Western society. By using mentalist techniques that date anywhere from the 18th century to the Old Testament, they deceive their subjects by assuming a preternatural connection with deceased loved ones and acquaintances. 389 more words


What Does a Spiritual Awakening Look and Feel Like?

The Huffington Post Religion blog recently tried to answer that question by anonymously asking their readers to tell brief stories about their own spiritual experiences using the app Whisper. 36 more words

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Experience vs. Material: How to Get the Most Happiness for You Money

Humans are creatures constantly plagued by internal conflict. We often do things we know are bad for us or repeat unhealthy behaviors even though we know the results. 38 more words

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Mitigating the Tolls of Stress on Your Body: Part II

In the last installment, we talked about a recent Fox News Health article that covered a study that showed aging and decline in cell health can be accelerated by stress but that these detrimental effects can be slowed and managed by maintaining a healthy lifestyle even during stressful times in life. 16 more words

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Mitigating the Tolls of Stress on Your Body

Between work, family, and relationships, it can be easy to let stress get the best of you. Many people turn to faith or their spiritual guide to help them through difficult times, but it’s important to remember the steps you can take on your own to make sure the stress you’re feeling at work or […] 9 more words

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Open Source Spirituality: Part II

In the last installment of this post we talked about what open source and p2p mean and how the concepts have helped to create the democratization of media creation, news, art, and countless other areas.   30 more words

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