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Creating Highly Educated Investigators of the Paranormal and Psychic Phenomena

At dohi Center institute of Esoteric Studies in Parapsychology you have the opportunity to become…

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Family & Friends tarot card reading for Tracy Gaston

As it always happens in families, you might have been frustrated because of pressures to meet high expectations. You may have felt a little uneasy because of some guilt and you would have tried to convince yourself to resolve things and returned to normal. 118 more words

Tarot Card Reading

Love & Relationship Reading for Rita Zuniga-Banda

You may have looked for someone with whom you could share your life and spend some romantic time. You were on a hunt to find someone who seemed to be your ideal partner but this did not happen easy. 139 more words

Tarot Card Reading

Replay: Earth Day Comes with Intense Astrological Energy

There is some wild astrological energy wreaking havoc in the atmosphere for a few more days…and Christiana McMahon and her co-host Laura Mastandrea talked about it on today’s show and gave advice on how to deal with it. 139 more words


Second Sight Show is Live Today Amidst Cosmic Madness

Intuitive Medium Christiana McMahon will give some insight into the intense astrological energy that is now present on today’s Second Sight Radio Show, and she will take live callers too! 79 more words


4 out of 5 in 1981

by B.J. Jones  

The hotels are empty, the shops are closed, and the sand is undisturbed. A few people walk by wearing jackets. Linda gets off a bus and joins the few walkers on the beach’s boardwalk. 484 more words


The Fool Card

The Fool is the first card of 22, in the major arcana of the tarot.  These 22 archetypes represent 22 states of being we all experience and go through in our lives.   312 more words