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Binding Love Relationship Spells

Love is a very powerful emotion and a highly complex emotion at the same time. Love relationship spells Los Angeles is an opportunity to use the power of magic to make this powerful emotion work wonders in your life. 218 more words

California Witch Love Consultant

Weekly Tarot Card

A good message to start the week of with. Family values, and contented home life.


Daily Tarot Card

A good card to start the week with. I,m looking forward to starting my shift in a couple of hours.


Tropical PineApple

Lovely PineApple for breakfast today. I had the morning off, and start work doing Psychic readings tonight. Am looking forward to catching up on all the buzz.


A Medium, or just well done? Dreams.

To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub;
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come,
Thanks to William Shakespeare for that little piece. 2,485 more words

Othersidepsychic, Soul Grabbers

There are souls that don’t want to pass when they died. They hang around or cling to a dearly loved one and in the process cause even more pain for the living. 246 more words

Sunday, August 31st: The Fool


Careless play and a sense of detached wonder are characteristics of the Fool. The Fool represents those pivotal points in our life when we are reminded of our childlike selves and the infinite possibilities that lie around us. 224 more words