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The Corpus Cat Chapter Twelve of Thirteen

The Corpus Cat

Mr. Binger

Chapter Twelve of Thirteen

Barry goes to work the following day and he talks to Joel at the Corner Cafe. 1,629 more words

Short Story

Psychic History Class - "The Wonderful Talking Board"

With Halloween coming up, I thought I would share a super interesting article on the Ouija board for anyone interested in all things paranormal! The Smithsonian sure did their homework on this one. 179 more words


☆ September 18th 2014 AngelScope ☆

Message for the Day:

Be open to learning today, dearest ones. If you are being guided to read a book, magazine, or a newspaper article, do it! 148 more words


Resonance Frequency

Welcome back to The Holistic Defender, once again Ia am your inexplicably optimistic, blogger host ARMENKA! Ahem. Excuse the caps, I just love today’s topic. And I’m also a bit frustrated. 223 more words

Noticing Help from the Spirit Realm

Every single one of us has spiritual guides, deities, and loved ones who help and comfort us throughout our lives. These spirits will often try to communicate with us to let us know that they are in our corner, leaving bread-crumb trails for us to follow. 720 more words

September 17, 2014 Tarot Reading

I feel confused about what kind of career I should choose. I’ve always felt torn between two or three things, and I’m always changnig my mind. 3,970 more words

Ace Of Pentacles


You really want it.
Likewise I,cut in,
Roll off. Is there ready
Really here ready made.
What visual was already
In spirit,in time it will real. 64 more words