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Empath and other things that I'm not

I’ve written one blog about Intuition & Psychic Ability: Your Spiritual GPS. I recently finished the book and found that it was chalk full of extras. 1,754 more words


Fragile Angel: A Paranormal Experience

Fragile Angel

True life Paranormal

     Everyone has a story.  It does not matter how old or how young,everyone has a story.  And that story follows them wherever they go until it’s told.  339 more words

Fragile Angel Blog

Calling all Intuitives, Psychics, Mediums, Gifted Sensitives

I am asking for you to answer the call.  Come clean!  Step out of the closet!

When I realized I could talk with “the other side”  see “different realms” it really “freaked me out!” 156 more words

Fragile Angel Blog

The Blessings Challenge

I had a client here the other day who’s in a rough place. According to her, nothing is going right in her life. Zero, Zip. Bupkis. 612 more words


Entering Woo-Woo Territory

Having dabbled in the occult, I’m going to share an unorthodox opinion about an aspect of it.  Those of you who think none of this stuff is real, I invite to read other stuff on this site, or to click your Magik Skreen and go somewhere else in the fertile fields of the interwebs.   529 more words



I thought these fellows were a rare breed in the zombie world but over the past year I’ve seen a LOT of horror movies featuring reanimated corpses that have dealt with some sort of psychic or occult powers. 153 more words