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The Blessings Challenge

I had a client here the other day who’s in a rough place. According to her, nothing is going right in her life. Zero, Zip. Bupkis. 612 more words


Entering Woo-Woo Territory

Having dabbled in the occult, I’m going to share an unorthodox opinion about an aspect of it.  Those of you who think none of this stuff is real, I invite to read other stuff on this site, or to click your Magik Skreen and go somewhere else in the fertile fields of the interwebs.   529 more words



I thought these fellows were a rare breed in the zombie world but over the past year I’ve seen a LOT of horror movies featuring reanimated corpses that have dealt with some sort of psychic or occult powers. 153 more words


Day 38 - The Pull

Off-Grid Server // *Encryption Breached* // Personal Logs / Dr. Emmet Arno / Final Entry.

> Play. >

Day Number… It doesn’t matter. If you’re seeing this, it means either that I succeeded in getting this information out, or that the one testimony to everything that’s happened has fallen into their hands, and our last hope will be destroyed with it.

The Rim

Book Review: White Rabbit by K.A. Laity

K.A. Laity’s White Rabbit is tightly written fantasy noir. James Draygo is a disgraced former detective who makes a living as a genuine psychic masquerading as a fake. 176 more words

Book Review

The Yggdrasil blurb

I’ve gotten some feedback, and I’ve used that to come up with something I don’t hate.

Synchronizers are not supposed to awaken.

The comatose psychics who provide starships access to the central network sleep their lives away in coffin-like tanks.

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