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CALM vs Stressssssshhh….


Times, when stress is in our veins, not really sure of the exact source of it, it is just present, and there. When RUNNING, the so called daily psychologist session does not feel good, in fact, nothing feels good, when a word said, and one can jump on the other with anger.  142 more words


The Continuing Adventures of Norman Bates

I just started reading Psycho II last night, Robert Bloch’s sequel to his original work. According to Wikipedia (sources unsubstantiated) the folks at Universal Studios were so disgusted by the book that they rejected it outright and hashed out their own version of what happens to Norman Bates after the events at the motel and his eventual psychiatric treatment. 294 more words

Good Reads

The Invitation review

The Invitation (2003)

Tagline:Regrets only.

Directed by:
Pat Bermel

Produced by:
Pat Bermel
Matthew Robert Kelly

Run Time:
85 minutes

December 23, 2003

Review: 304 more words


Shredder review

Shredder (2003)

Tagline:Death to snowboarders

Directed by:
Greg Huson

Produced by:
Geof Miller
Rory Veal

Run Time:
86 minutes

December 16, 2003


 In terms of Straight to DVD horror films, Shredder is a pointless Slasher film with your typical genre clichés and it has a boring, wooden cast that are plainly terrible. 287 more words


Just give it a chance!

As a child I was always forced to read. Now don’t get me wrong I quiet enjoyed reading, THE SMELL OF A NEW BOOK, the crisp pages, the feeling of accomplishment when I finished a book. 346 more words


Deported Jamaican artiste's lawyer awaits Dominica government response

ROSEAU, Dominica — Attorney-at-law Bert Samuels said he is currently awaiting a further response from the Dominican government

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