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Coming back!

It’s been two months since the last post; the term break brought with it school workload that didn’t afford me a time to post anything. Fortunately, in between the ‘not posting’ I was able to capture more ‘postcards’ from the city, which I’ll share soon. 59 more words


Coming Down

“The influence of weather on dérives, although real, is a significant factor only in the case of prolonged rains, which make them virtually impossible. But storms or other types of precipitation are rather favorable for dérives” – Guy Debord (1958) 9 more words


“By its very efficiency, the high-rise took over the task of maintaining the social structure that supported them all. For the first time it removed the need to repress every kind of anti-social behaviour, and left them free to explore any deviant or wayward impulses. 132 more words

Maisons Médiévales de Paris - Un Itinéraire

(Article in English here)

Quelques semaines plus tôt, je me demandai où se trouvaient les plus anciennes maisons de Paris. Je décidai de marcher de maison en maison sans convenir d’un parcours clair par avance mais de noter au fur et à mesure les endroits, objets ou atmosphères que je découvrirais en chemin. 1,143 more words


Unearthing #5 (Sylvia Sylvia Where Are You Buried?)

‘The eye reads forward as the memory reads back’
From The Nightfishing (1955) by WS Graham

A curious thing, to be thinking of the future, only to stumble across it in the past.  1,224 more words

Talking a load of Rubbish

The university which I attend is roughly 4.5 miles from one London’s most prominent yet, controversial airports thus the purpose of our dérive is revealed, todays exercise intended to demonstrate the impact of an airport on the surrounding area and bring in to question how the mind relates this space to time and place. 1,305 more words