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A walk to the station #13

It is still dark outside and we, the commuters trudging towards our daily destiny are lit only by the eerie glow of the streetlights, each light leading us closer to the monotony of our work, lamp by lamp, step by step, and it is so easy to write terrible clichéd stuff about place, isn’t it? 292 more words

Not Sport

lake ontario is a sea

A few weeks ago I biked over to The Guild park. Known for its collection of modern Toronto “ruins”, a bonus to visiting the park is its unobstructed view of Lake Ontario. 692 more words


Writing a Novel in a Month

For my sins I’ve joined the National Novel in a Month campaign. This means I need to write 50,000 words in November and post it online. 344 more words

Norman Peake

Route Planning For The Happiest Walk, Not The Quickest

A new way to plan daily routes balances the desire to get places on time with actually experiencing the city in new and interesting ways.

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Project Update: Waterways - The Pennine Ring in straight lines

‘Waterways’ is a photography project that involves navigating and photographing inland waterways of the north west of England. This particular series examines both perennial and temporal states of England’s canals, encompassing pastoral beauty, industrial decline, regeneration, economic aspiration and the sometimes incongruent relationship between these themes which are manifested in the landscape. 79 more words