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The café was as if re-animated from the dead. In an original-featured building, twice closed down, it sat, plonked, suspended in time. It felt like one of the erstwhile Lewis’s cafes had been re-born and placed, belatedly, there.The espresso was NOT espresso; and the café boasted a “most improved eatery” award(improved from…what?!?!) 186 more words


9L 10 2I - Telephone Texts No.2

’9L 10 2I’ Paul Conneally 2014
GPS 52.76837, -1.19761

9L 10 2I is number two in the Telegraph Texts series by Paul Conneally.

Wooden telegraph poles once lined all Britain’s streets but are now slowly disappearing, replaced by underground cable systems. 45 more words

Colour Specimens: Houndstooth Experimenting

Thinking about it, the textile industry is a defining feature of Huddersfield’s identity. The only other things are Rugby Union and Huddersfield Town. The textile industry… 151 more words


vernal pool

I am excited to be participating in the Gladstone Hotel’s Grow Op, a four day event that explores landscape and place.

My photos and recollections will be part of  291 more words


Space Available - SX-70 Polaroids 2001-2006

The original context for this project was as part of an exhibition that explored the tactility of Polaroids as objects and a medium that is on the verge of extinction. 299 more words

Colour Specimens: Present & Correct Blog

Patterns seem the way forward for my abstract work. The textile industry defines Huddersfield, as well as my own village. I’ve already talked about the survival of Huddersfield’s industry but in terms of my village, it had a working textile mill up until around 7 years ago as well as the pre-industrial textile side of things. 211 more words

Exploration In Practice

Flat Above 109 1/2

‘Flat Above 109 1/2′
Paul Conneally
Leicester 2014

GPS Latitude 52 deg 38′ 3.74″ N
GPS Longitude 1 deg 8′ 57.73″ W

“The Gallery of the Street is open” – Paul Conneally