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Building a better survey

Like many social scientists, much of my work revolves around surveys and questionnaires. Sometimes, senior management prepares and executes these investigations very well, yet other times folks seem to not know the first things about survey design. 1,188 more words

The Dangers of Chivalry - Benevolent Sexim

Last week, we discussed ambivalent sexism, and I described the difference between Hostile Sexism and Benevolent Sexism. This week, we discuss how benevolent sexism serves to undermine gender equality. 1,506 more words


Ambivalent Sexism

Is sexism still an issue worth worrying about, even in the West? Absolutely. Some of us may not realize that our actions, while benevolent in nature, may actually serve to enforce gender roles. 1,620 more words


The Top 5 Psychological Sins!

For returning readers of this blog, you might have noticed a theme with a few of my posts. Psychology finds itself at odds with common folks’ ideas from time to time, and with the misinformation coming from popular media. 1,340 more words


My queer feelings about Twitter

At a conference session that focused on book marketing, the presenter made the following point:

“If you want your book to succeed, you should get on Twitter.” 1,168 more words

Psychological Research


Here’s an experiment: Try sending out a message to all of your friends that goes like this:

We are finally set to move this Saturday! Please come and help us – we need all the help we can get.  1,041 more words

Psychological Research

The Issue

The past few days I’ve been looking into the neurological correlates of schizophrenia, and learning all sorts of wonderful things about pyramidal neurons. But I feel a sense of dread approaching, a familiar dread which often sets in after learning new and exciting things in this field; “are these results accurate?” The Dread will ask, “are they generalisable?” 1,052 more words

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