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The Committee on Public Information: A Primer

The following is from the introduction to my master’s thesis “Propaganda against Propaganda: Deconstructing the Dominant Narrative of the Committee on Public Information.”  It is a brief overview of the Committee on Public Information (CPI) that I constructed after a year’s worth of research on the subject.   1,471 more words

Psychological Warfare

"The Bible itself foretells of people being rounded up to FEMA camps…" ~ Tick-Tock! FEMA Camps Here: The Question You Need To Ask Is NOT If They Exist, But What Is Their Purpose.... | U. S. Politics

(Before It’s News)

We have all at some point heard about FEMA Camps either being built or having already been built, but the question you need to ask yourself is not if they exist, but what is their purpose? 499 more words

United States

2014: Why these elections are a test for people and not politicians - Virendra Parekh

The current elections offer an unprecedented opportunity to the people to get rid of ideas, policies and approaches that have divided and confused the society, prevented the country from realizing its economic potential and made it a fair game for enemies both within and without. 1,322 more words


The West and Narendra Modi - Minhaz Merchant

“The vitriolic, at times vicious, attacks on Modi in the Western media are a product of the real fear that a Modi government will upend the fraudulent elite power structure in Delhi with geopolitical consequences well beyond India’s borders.  914 more words


Brothers' Quarterly Presents Liberation Cinema! by Imhotep


Liberation Cinema! is a Third Cinema practice at the point of distribution.  Stories fill the public and private spaces of our societies, told and retold in the public monuments and names of parks and streets, and sold on the ever present billboards and commercials blaring from the car radios.  449 more words

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VIDEO: The Ishrat Jahan Conspiracy - Manish Pandit

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The film is based on the true events leading up to the encounter killing of Ishrat Jahan in 2004. A docudrama style presentation of the facts. 43 more words