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Today's Toons 7/29/14


Today’s Toons 7/29/14The Right Reasons ^ | 7/29/14 | pookie18Posted on 7/29/2014, 4:30:31 AM by pookie18Click on link.

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Israel: Victimhood and moral blindness - Taki

“Let’s … look at the moral blindness that has afflicted Israelis in their denial of Palestinian rights. Roger Waters, the courageous musician whose father died fighting the Nazis, has been called a Nazi for pointing out that the Israeli Army subjugates an indigenous population by using lethal force, including the murder of women and children. 1,010 more words


Pew Poll: Hindus not liked by Americans - Narayan Lakshman

“Hindu-Americans appeared to exemplify a community towards which feelings were more positive when respondents personally knew a member of the community. Those who knew a Hindu gave the community a rating of 63, whereas those who did not gave it a rating of 47, on average.” – Narayan Lakshman… 457 more words


Hinduism and The New York Times' sewage problem - Vamsee Juluri

“The real danger of the Times’ most recent cheap shot at Hinduism is not so much that it perpetuates an old Katherine Mayo-style arrogance about the heathens and hurts modern Indians’ self-perception. 2,202 more words


VIDEO: Himalayan Academy's History of Hindu India is a valuable resource - Murali Balaji

“Himalayan Academy, which publishes the acclaimed Hinduism Today magazine, produced the video and the textbook in “response to the problem of negative portrayal of Hinduism and India in school textbooks,” and their approach relied on academic expertise and vetting. 488 more words


Muslim radicalism as a simple phenomenon - Moorthy S. Muthuswamy

“Violence conduced in the name of Islam is preponderant compared to other religions; almost always, this radicalism invokes sharia and armed jihad; this violence transcends, ethno-cultural, linguistic, geographic and income fault-lines. 1,220 more words


Maldives exporting jihadis to India - Tufail Ahmad

“The recent arrest of Sri Lankan national Shakir aka Zakir Hussain in Chennai revealed that he made 20 reconnaissance trips to India to facilitate terrorists from the Maldives to attack Israeli and US consulates in Bangalore and Chennai. 1,048 more words