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Developing your style of code

When it comes to programming, you can safely split the beginners from experienced professionals just by looking on their code. Like with any other professions, the better you get the more you will change the way of your work according to your personal style. 803 more words

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Coming Back

Adults are afraid to let the children grow up and experience life. They are afraid to let the children experience the chaos that they once experienced in their youthful years, and for good reason.   305 more words


Castes of the West


Fine breakdown of the social strata.
By my use of the word strata, you could place me presently, but you’d be erroneous to trace my background (hint: dirt poor). 34 more words


Music is Powerful

Everyone has something that inspires them. And for many, music gets them into a certain state of mind. It’s beautiful. Music has the power to change the way you feel, the way your emotions flow.  275 more words


Reaction and the Poor

The poor run every Revolution. Every successful one, I meant.
This is why the Left is failing.


A Marxist attack on neoreactionaries ends with the sentence…

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Article: A Brief Defense of Necessary Evil


Gnon could be described as a secular Natural Law, the inevitable regression to the primal mean.

Two thoughts on this article.

1. Priorities. Is this policy better for this generation of voters (read: selfish me) or every generation after? 97 more words