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Defuse the Drama

I’m working for free this month to promote awareness of domestic violence. This month, I’m bringing you into the loop and sharing the results of some of this work with you. 579 more words

Sisters Before Misters

“Bros before hos” – everyone has heard this clever phrase about how men are supposed to have each other’s backs at all times, most especially when the ladies are concerned. 480 more words


Protect the Possibilities

Your life is filled with endless possibilities and one of the most important things you can do is avoid limiting those possibilities before you are ready. 423 more words


Date Rape is Rape

I work with a lot of teen girls and young women and, sometimes in the course of getting to know them, I learn they have been the victim of sexual assault at some point in their lives. 507 more words


In a Space of Body-Light.

Like clouds
of vibrating energy
surrounding, permeating us,
charging or draining me,
all too often
infecting me,

resonating, reverberating,
pulling me into vortices,
a land pockmarked… 51 more words

Notes on the Unity of Consciousness

- The unity of consciousness (UoC) broadly refers to the fact that consciousness comes to us in and is experienced as a unified form (duh). I don’t have this conscious experience and that conscious experience – I don’t experience a series of discrete ‘bits’ but rather have one single experience of consciousness. 815 more words


So you're not dating?! But is that such a bad thing?

Not dating huh?! And you haven’t for a while huh?! No one wants you? Or only the wrong ones. Maybe you even hate yourself. But you’re definitely sad. 825 more words