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Does anyone “recover” from autism?

Posted by Orac on January 23, 2013

Way back in the day, when I was a newbie at countering the mass of hysterical pseudoscience that is the antivaccine movement, particularly the myth that vaccines cause autism, a blogger by the ‘nym of Prometheus… 3,169 more words

Female Asperger

Ways love rewires your brain

Feels good to be in love right? You start seeing and doing things differently because love rewires your brain,below you will see ways love rewires your brain! 566 more words


We know what's "going on" in the neurotypical brain: Nonsense.

And it drives us bat crap crazy! 

The vaunted “Theory of Mind” is psychology’s euphemism for co-comspiratorial neurotypical delusion. Neurotypicals can read each others minds because they share a brain environment and social culture dominated by MAGIC and SUPERSTITION.  413 more words

Female Asperger

Longing for the simpler days of cooking a big meal while a (small) hurricane hit

A little side of chaos when cooking a big meal


I love thanksgiving. I hate turkey. I find turkey to be extremely dry and tasteless unless it is deep fried and I am not about to deep fry in my backyard. 769 more words


The Interpretation of Dreams

Since the start of time, people have been curious about what a dream means, especially when it’s a re-occurring one. Drill down in the thoughts of the subconscious mind by readind the words of one of the greatest psychologists so far. 593 more words

Book Reviews

The Puppetry of the People

Within the Western society there has been a growth in sensationalizing the meaningless aspects of important issues, while smothering the facts to fit an agenda. While this has been going on throughout centuries, the growth of technology has given us the ability to echo our beliefs in the corridors of the internet. 268 more words