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On -- Approval seeking behaviours

If a man fails to see your worth, ignore it.

You gain nothing by seeking the approval of fools. Time will prove the victor.

When he sees how you win the hearts of others, he too, as a fool, shall be won. 11 more words



it is so
that we grow
into open spaces
and beyond them,
once in a while
we need to pause
and keenly observe
what we accumulate: 19 more words


Appearance, Intelligence or Personality?

Appearance. Intelligence. Personality. Three main things I look for in a character or a person in general. A question arises in almost every mind, and I got confused for a while too regarding the priority of the traits. 554 more words


Genuinely inspirational quotes that'll make you feel happier, motivated and less alone

We all have them – a friend who regularly posts supposedly uplifting mantras online or drops them into conversation, but more often than not they have no relevance to modern life or don’t make sense (you know the type: ‘the shilling is worth a pound to those with no wheat’ etc.).  462 more words


Negative feelings about your actions are a good thing if they motivate you to improve them.
If you hate self-improvement, fine, but you’re going to end up hating yourself.


Is Mindfulness an essential life skill? (Reflections at the end of an 8-week course)

There are times in life when somebody says something that you know you’re going to remember for a very long time, perhaps forever.

One such moment happened to me when I asked a 92-year-old lady whether she enjoyed her life. 503 more words