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Happy Holiday CE Sale from PDResources

Celebrate the Season with the Happy Holiday CE Sale from PDResources

With many wishes for a joyful holiday season, our gift to you is instant savings (20-30% off) on ALL orders. 179 more words

Nutrition & Dietetics

No symbolophobia here: The love of convergence and symbolism in the coming year

No symbolophobia here: The love of convergence


Tis the season for magical thinking, believing in miracles and wielding grand hopes for the future.  After a relatively hard year, I have come to believe that everything is coming together. 506 more words


Do PJs Affect Productivity?

I recently helped out with a theatre production at a local school. They have a potentially great program and some talented kids, I have a background in theatre. 332 more words


No, "sapiosexual" isn't a real sexuality

It’s a way for hipsters to identify themselves after starting out as a joke among normal people rallying against the type of superficial people who would come to use it seriously. 122 more words


Is a ‘Growth Mindset’ a Fundamental Right for Learners?

This is a 1 to 2 minute read.

One of the aims of Project Based Learning is to foster growth mindsets. According to Carol Dweck, a professor of psychology at Stanford University, people with growth mindsets… 217 more words


 Gimme me that New Old Time Religion.

The popular use of phrases such as “higher consciousness,” “mass consciousness,” “a new level of consciousness,” and “transforming consciousness” shows how supernatural ideas degrade the general body of thought. 627 more words

Asperger's Human Experience

Being and Looking Up

In a culture of constant badgering from social media, selfies and hashtags; immediacy is stuffed down our throats at all times and we have become observers in our own lives. 1,369 more words