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Why I effing love to swear!

You might have noticed reading some of my posts, that I swear an awful lot. If you’re thinking “it’s not that bad”, just remember that I’ve probably edited quite a lot of it out of my posts where I’ve noticed it. 350 more words


My journey

Not so many months ago in the autumn of 2013 I began a journey of self discovery. I didn’t know I was stepping out into the open road, if I had I suspect I would have sat down at the curb, thought about it for a while and then safely stepped back. 687 more words


Guides To Questions

Heyy guys, here are two question guides I made. Im hoping they are okay, if there are any suggestions for improvements to the model answers please let me know. 49 more words


Instead of thinking about your emotions during a negative memory, looking away from the worst emotions and thinking about the context, like a friend who was there, what the weather was like, or anything else non-emotional that was part of the memory, will rather effortlessly take your mind away from the unwanted emotions associated with that memory.

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Assessing how you benefit from tribulations.

Peace be upon you all!

2 days ago a khatib(The person who gives the sermon during Friday prayer) gave a sermon which I find it very interesting. 299 more words

Life Sharings

Happy Easter!

Dear y’all,
Studying season is dreadfully here now! I cannot believe how fast time has passed and that I’m soon gonna be graduating!!!!
The thought kinda scares me a little because I don’t have it all figured out yet lol… 138 more words


Miswanting, and two strategies to counter it

As part of my attempt to downsize our life, I’m culling my collection of clothes and shoes. As I ransack my closet and dresser drawers, I’m struck by the occasional item that was a complete misfire. 1,279 more words

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