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Language has a problem: words, even those meant to have specific definitions and uses, gather extra meanings once “let loose” in different environments, including academia, popular conversation, and ethnic, religious, and social groups. 

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Asperger's Human Experience

geographic cure

Yesterday morning, I went outside in the last of the night’s rain showers and splashed in puddles on the sidewalk. Then, I sat on my damp brick steps and smiled up at the gray, but bright, sky. 1,112 more words

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The Path to Eternity

By Mark Anthony Rockeymoore

Source: Sacred Space in Time

Thoughts are things. Energy that becomes words, then actions. Are your thoughts generally positive or negative? Your words, your actions? 330 more words


Some Words of Wisdom

Zenhabits.org is a favorite website for me to read in the mornings before I get busy with my school work.  I found this article this morning about how your mind tries to trick you into believing you cannot accomplish that things that you wish to accomplish.  1,947 more words

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I lost it twice yesterday and I liked it

I lost it twice yesterday and I liked it

There are those that argue that our personalities are hard-wired from the very beginning of our time in the world.   644 more words


I Do What I Want ... Sometimes

I work with a guy who is one of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet. He has a counseling degree from a Christian university, does his job well, and is always a straight shooter. 504 more words

YIKES! / Dog Autism

I just had to share this:

Canines have been found to be beneficial for children or adults that have autism. However, dog autism may also be met. 484 more words

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