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The power of constraints

Often when we try to evaluate how long it takes to do something we just get it wrong. How many times did task take much longer than you thought? 245 more words


Me, getting irritated at school......

I have to at first let all of you know that I am in a “Psychology of Sexuality” class in school right now. The topic of the week is inter-sexuality. 584 more words

Behavioral Psychology

What is the Russian's psychology?


Intriguing read. Example;

1. Taking offense

Western nations have emerged in an environment of limited resources and relentless population pressure, and this has to a large degree determined the way in which they respond when they are offended.

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FREE = valueless

One of the strangest things about human beings is that we tend to value only something that has a price tag. If something is FREE, the automatic subconscious reaction is, it is easy to get, requires no effort, we get it for nothing. 138 more words


A little about me (and you)

Hello, my name is Lacey and I am fat. Or at least I think I’m fat. That’s what I’ve always thought, even when I was in my healthy weight range (which I am struggling to get back to). 333 more words

Body Confidence