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In Synch with Your Shrink - - It's Not What You Think. . . (Wink, Wink)

She was my 18th Therapist but I was her very First patient.  Here’s how it went down. . .

(Oh, it’s perfectly okay!  It doesn’t violate the Confidentiality Code when it’s the patient who does the blabbing.) 1,503 more words


Eternal life

October 8th 2008

Originally, I became interested in spirituality about a year ago. I joined a meditation series that focuses on Brahma Krishna for 8 weeks. 674 more words



July 31st 2008

187 days since I’ve smoked.

188 days it will be tomorrow.

I’m ready, I can take it on.

I can’t wait until bars are smoke free, then it will all be downhill from here.


the more you ignore me the closer I get: why the silent treatment doesn’t deter

Being a natural extrovert with the ‘gift of the gab’ and a penchant for volume, I’ve never been one to really appreciate silence – something my family, friends and teachers will all attest to! 621 more words


A funny thing happened on my way to writing my last post...

Okay, it’s been approximately 4 decades since my last post.  This is unforgivable.  But I have an excuse, I swear!  That excuse is THE DEVELOPMENT OF A PRETTY SEVERE EATING DISORDER! 1,207 more words

Standard deviations and schizophrenia

December 4th 2007

If I get anything less than an A+ in both of my classes, I’ll be extremely disappointed. I feel like I could very well likely be a Type A personality, from what I’ve studied in my psychology class. 377 more words