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Falling in love - why we choose the lovers we choose

My closest friends who have known me for many years – people like Tasha, Marie, Helge and Kamber – know that I have an absolutely ridiculous pattern of relationships. 722 more words


Dreaming my dreams

Do you remember your dreams? Are they nice dreams or horrible nightmares? Do you speak during your dreams? Do people talk to you?


Astronauts reading Genesis from space

Not generally a fan of mixing religion and science but…

Better Angels

Mental Health Practitioner in the NHS - one graduate's experience

Last week I blogged with ideas on gaining experience related to clinical psychology.

As I was browsing the NHS careers website this week I came across a case study which perfectly illustrates how one psychology student has built up her experience to enable her to become a mental heath practitioner in the NHS. 209 more words


Happiness 102: Why So Serious? Life is a Joke!

Tibetan monks make some of the most intricate pieces of sand art in the world. Do you know what they do when they are finished? Take a picture or sell the art? 475 more words


First and last

There’s a classical teaching about living life to the full which says to embrace each experience as if it is the very first time you are having this experience (which is true…..every experience you have today is for the first time). 270 more words