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Get up and move!

I met with my health and safety coordinator this week and she reminded me that we should be getting out of our chairs at least  67 more words

A Serious Discussion on Sexual Abuse: Male Victims

By Shady Shebak, MD

The following is an important but understudied topic. It is one that includes several common diagnoses, and severe inner-psychic conflict regarding sexual assault. 619 more words


Airing Out Your Insecurities

Why is it a nightmare to be in a public place wearing only your underwear? Is there something on your body that you always try and cover up? 355 more words

Another Short History of Linguistics (10)

In the view of my language law, the shortage of basic symbols (either the writing or the sound) would lead to extend the length of writing word or pronunciation. 240 more words

What Happens When a Dictator Shaves?

By David Michael Newstead    

When a man shaves his face, he looks in a mirror and at himself. What’s reflected back is then filtered and viewed through the lens of his psyche. 1,919 more words

How Downsizing Can Be Like The Birth of a New Life

“Have nothing in your house you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris

I get what Mr. Morris is saying here, but it can be easier said than done and often we have things around us for reasons other than beauty and function. 545 more words



They say that Insanity is defined as… repeating something and expecting different result each time. 
And psychological abnormality (Insanity) is a behaviour exhibited that is outside of social norms. 56 more words