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Comedian Lewis Schaffer - now there is a book planned on his denuded selfhood

In the last couple of years, UK-based American comedian Lewis Schaffer has been the subject of at least two academic studies.

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With Careers, Decision-making, and Passion.

Since I was a young child, I have always been very future-oriented. I daydream in the future and make plans in the future. Which is why even if I was still in my second year in high school, I was already wondering what kind of course should I major in college that will give me the kind of future that I want. 735 more words


Does Bleach Work For Blood?

Nolan woke up as he had a million times before: covered in blood. His only solace was that at least he was in his own bed this time. 320 more words

Asylum Piece by Anna Kavan

Asylum Piece
Anna Kavan

A collection of stories, mostly interlinked and largely autobiographical, chart the descent of the narrator from the onset of neurosis to final incarceration in a Swiss clinic. 232 more words


Introduction to psychology


  • Objective introspection (Wilhelm Wundt)
    The process of observing and measuring one’s thoughts and mental activities
  • Structuralism (Edward Titchener)
    The study of the mind’s structure; all experiences can be broken down into basic elements.
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Foundational Psychology

Ignorance is only bliss in large doses

Not knowing what you do not know is only beneficial if you never find out your shortcomings. As soon as the veil is lifted, the illusion is shattered, the foundation is removed (pick your metaphor), every misconception that you held instantly turns around and bores into your skull. 112 more words

Video of my talk from AAP

What makes us aware of our own agency?

Hardly my best talk, but there it is, none the less. Enjoy. The proper paper is at Frontiers.