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Let go of what most concerns you, and fill the void with water.
Then let the water flow slowly onto fertile ground.


Starseed – a person who relies not on the pleasures of satiation of material, physical, mental, and emotional desires for self, but on those obtained by actions upon the heart’s desire to contribute to the betterment and evolution of humanity.

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On Spanking

The other day, I came across these two articles:

A.) The Psychology of Spanking

B.) Pro-Spanking Studies May Have Global Effect

Regardless of source biases which may be present (news that titles itself as “American”), I’d like to address the points and statistics made by both sides of the spanking argument. 1,525 more words

cyber bullying

 Bullying has been part of the human experience since the inception of civilization. Cyber bullying has introduced a form of bullying never seen before. Bullying used to be confined to schools, neighborhoods or some small geographic locations where the targeted child could seek respite. 579 more words

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Manufacturers Downsized Groceries

There’s a strange feeling people get when something changes about a regular item on their shopping lists. The package may look the same; the product tastes the same; yet they have the distinct sense that there’s less of it.

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