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If Most People Hate Math Then Why Are We All So Calculated

The question I could dwell on for hours. Why are we all so calculated in nearly everything we do? Calculated with strangers that we feel we can get something from when it comes to what we wear, what we say, how we act, what we listen to, what we watch, etc and what is the point really! 750 more words


A New Beginning

It’s been a long time since I blogged. Illness interrupted not only blogging but almost everything else. But after a year of treatment for breast cancer, I finally completed The Broken Chord. 56 more words

Poetry ([Doesn’t] {Have/[Has]} to) Have a Point

The conversation I am

having with you is different

from the conversation

you are having

with my answers.

The evolution of reality is

part of the eternal… 79 more words


A Reflection. Of Double-mindedness.

I eat too much at a restaurant because I have paid so much money for the food. I am worried that I will not get my money’s worth. 63 more words

(Experimental Thoughts)

Pain isn't better than nothing, but sometimes it's a side effect to something more.


Check this blogger out if you haven’t already. I’m envious of his ability to consistently write insightful articles daily. This post of mine is a bit a response to his but more like a digression, so I decided to post it here rather than stuff up his comment section once again, haha. 208 more words


How to start making your dreams come true

Usually our dreams are quite unreal and not clear. For most people, they continue to be just dreams forever. We know what we want but we stand… 165 more words

Healthy Approach