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19 Interesting Facts About Sleep

1. Sleep, as far as we know, is universal among animal species. All creatures need to sleep.

2. According to a survey by Jerome M. Siegel, there is a correlation between size and sleep in mammals. 873 more words


Happily Introverted

I am an introvert, a very big one actually. I am always facing flak from people as they think that I am trying to avoid them. 845 more words


Save me Lithium Orotate!

I was listening to Coast to Coast on the radio the other day and the guest mentioned the use of the supplement, Lithium Orotate.  I wrote it down and eventually looked it up. 184 more words


Leveraging Adversity: Learn How to Use Setbacks Like a Springboard By Claire Nana M.A.


We are all going to have setbacks — whether it is losing your job, getting dumped, losing a loved one unexpectedly, or having an injury derail your training. 477 more words


Bardo as the Intermediate State between Death and Rebirth

My grandmother passed away last Sunday night (Taiwan time) and since then, I have been reflecting upon her life and her wishes that her family and friends follow the Buddhist tradition of chanting and praying for a positive rebirth. 1,642 more words



I hope that when you’re sitting there reflecting on the influx of people throughout your days, you don’t feel the overwhelming chasm that separates your thoughts from theirs… 208 more words