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Tis the season....to be memoiring

I think everyone can say we’ve experienced the “fam” headache when the holiday season rolls around. For some, family brings out the best in us, and unfortunately for the many, it can drive us a bit mad! 320 more words

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The Continuum of Personal Style - a matter of life or death?

I have always envied the naturally stylish; they are so colour co-ordinated, so effortlessly poised. “There are no plain women” said Helena Rubenstein, “only lazy ones.” Remarks like this galvanize me periodically; I’ll put together ‘outfits’ and wear a bit of make-up, but it doesn’t last. 763 more words


Happily Diseased: the bug that should be contagious

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” 
― Marcel Proust

 I have received a lot of feedback on my writing so far (I know, its been 5 days, I’m not…

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Foster Your Sense of Self-Worth By Quyn Lê, M.Ed, RCC

Losing my complete sight at the age of two, I wondered for a good part of my life what am I really capable of. What is my sense of self-worth. 2,218 more words


Let's talk prescription speed

I know, that sounds a little inflammatory, but assume, for a moment, that a speed drug (equivalent to the most addictive and dangerous drugs used illicitly in the US of A), was being proposed to be prescribed for your hyperactive or “active” or irritating boy child, age 4, 6, 8 or 10. 2,978 more words


What is Pain?

People have often asked the question: what is pain? It has been answered in medical and scientific terms, as well as more spiritual terms. There are many different types of pain, divided generally into physical and emotional pain, of which there are many different kinds. 459 more words

Day 2: Knowing

Knowing is defined as the  state of being aware or informed about something. Where does  knowing and awareness come from? How did you come to know of an idea, thing, person, place, etc? 462 more words

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