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Interview: Yawatta Hosby

I am pleased to present an interview with Yawatta Hosby, who writes because it’s all about the mind games…

Describe yourself in 5 words:

YH: Quirky, INTJ, Laidback, Creative, Mysterious. 582 more words


Wanna reduce suicides--make people happy and content

Now here is a no brainer. A large cohort of men (most high risk group) has a lower risk of suicide if they have family and social support.


Hug Someone

Today hug. In Europe people hug and kiss whenever they greet one
another. They also tend to be much happier than Americans. When we
hug and touch, our bodies release Oxytocin, a powerful brain chemical… 58 more words

Blink: Color Bias Test Taking

Currently reading Blink, which I highly recommend, and I came across and interesting bit of information that I felt needed to be shared. If you have thoughts on the matter, I encourage you to share: 184 more words

Uncommon Sense

Leading a team is like conducting an orchestra!

Leading a team is like conducting an orchestra!

The quest for better leadership is still on and will continue to go on forever. One of the reasons for this is the ever changing mind-sets, expectations, challenges and demands presented by the ever changing world around us. 821 more words

Personal Excellence

People can fly but...

For three weeks I did not look at emails of members of the Google Photo Community (GPC) as I had 200-300 emails daily from members of WordPress and my friends and was very busy enjoying summer. 90 more words