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Alphonse Dead

21 October 2014

“Good morning, Dennis. Did you hear the news about our friend? He panned up the street with his girlfriend? What was his name?” 333 more words


"I Dream Of Rooms"

I have a reoccurring dream. It’s one of only two reoccurring dreams I’ve ever had in my life. I dream that I’m walking through rooms of a house. 162 more words


Knowing My Body Has Killed Our Children

I have written before about my personal interpretation of shame and blame regarding our recurrent pregnancy losses (5 consecutive miscarriages).  At the time, we did know have an explanation for our losses, rather we were told that we should keep trying and eventually it will just work. 1,220 more words


Main Conclusions From Twin and Adoption Studies of Aggression

There is evidence that genetics plays a significant role in aggression because it has been found in twin studies comparing MZ and DZ twins. For example, McGuffin and Gottesman found that the concordance rate for aggressive and antisocial behaviour was 87% for MZ twins, but 72% for DZ twins. 219 more words

Doubts in Major

For the past two weeks I’ve been thinking of changing my major from Psychology to English. Or, at least major in English and minor in Psychology. 186 more words

Personal Life

Psychology and Technology

Last night I attended my first “Webinar”, an online seminar hosted by Stillpoint Spaces and Dr Aaron Balick on “Thinking Psychotherapeutically in the Digital Age”. It was fascinating, both in terms of content but also in terms of format as the entire seminar was experienced via the technology of… 639 more words


Treasures In The Dark: A Shipful Of Monsters

There is ‘being on one’s own’ and there is ‘being alone’ and they are as different as Earl grey and Assam I’m afraid.

Time on one’s own can be healing, restorative – a true blessing and a genuine need. 1,514 more words