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The ones we care about

It’s strange, isn’t it, what stays with you from a conversation. Yesterday I had my last appointment of the year with my psychologist, and to make sure I didn’t start something there wouldn’t be time to finish we agreed that we would meet at my house. 305 more words

Heaven or Hell

How is heaven or hell ever going to be a physical place?

Haven’t you ever been in a ‘paradise’ and been sad,

inconsolable, made all the worse by how happy… 25 more words

Do Clothes Make the Man?

2014-12-18 – I read an account recently about a nudist colony. Do they call them colonies? Seems awfully colonial to me.

I wish I could give you a link. 265 more words

Wit Snippet #7

Gravity and Quality are synonyms from separate sides of your senses’ spectrums.