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I have been numb after the fight that I with whom I will just call B.

I took some NSAID’s (enough not to fuck with my lithium and then went to lay down. 654 more words



In recent weeks I’ve been thinking about the origin of ideas. If two people have the same idea independently of one another, that idea cannot have originated within either of them; … 1,462 more words


Musings and Struggles

The alarm rings, its one of those snazzy tunes of a smart phone, something called «Ripples», or «Slow Rise»; Those catchy names for catchy tunes that you hear ringing only too often in restaurants or in stores and yes lets not forget sometimes even in the movies; where they’re always such a bothersome interference with your engrossed sedation. 387 more words



Obsession- that’s the disease I have.
Obsessively thinking about something with no logic.
That’s what I do;
So, is that what I feel for you? 180 more words


My mind
is the only haven
I have to hide in anymore.
This is the reason
I resort to abstracts.
To keep it hidden.
To keep it a haven.

-Xander Terrell


Mind and Body Connection

I never went to the doctor about the assault that happened by a person whose info I choose to not disclose.

It happened two days ago. 254 more words


Look through the drawers..You'll find yourself ...

We are who we are but we spend most of our adult lives trying to become someone that we’re not. We try to become neat..although our mess comforts us..We may be inherently very fond of neatness, but learn to cover it up to avoid the OCD label..We may love being alone and being with ourselves or close friends..but we learn to be with others and at bigger gatherings..It is endless. 350 more words