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Frantic Spamming (Updated)

Update: A manager at Love’s called shortly after I posted this and was unhappy to hear that I had so much trouble getting this SMS spam to stop. 1,186 more words


Want influence? The six factors are reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consistency, likability and consensus.

If you look at the business world of 2014, the idea of being an influencer is pretty important. After all, social media has played a role in… 344 more words

Fundamental Explainers

My love-hate relationship with the CBC

You might think I’m talking about my favourite public radio station, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. I don’t like all the summer repeats any more than you do but relentless cutbacks will do that. 533 more words


My Grandson got a Medal

It’s funny how a minor thing can trigger a memory so stay with me on this.

My four-year-old grandson played T-ball this summer and I went to a couple of games to see how he was doing. 503 more words


Return from Melbourne

I returned home from Melbourne last Wednesday and have been gradually adjusting back to my version of normality ever since. It’s not easy going from one way of life to a completely different way, but what I’ve learned is that it is necessary to step outside of your boundaries. 331 more words

Passing Thoughts

I've Been In An Abusive Relationship

Trigger Warning: Self-harm, abuse, eating disorders, mental and psychological harm, mental disorders.

I have, whether it’s easy to see or not. But that’s what we’re best at, covering up the psychological and emotional scars that were inflicted, putting up walls that you can never scale, to protect ourselves even when the monsters are long gone.  1,342 more words

My Life Uncensored

St. Symeon the New Theologian and the Phenomenology of Deification

In the writings of St. Symeon the New Theologian (949–1022 AD) we encounter something much closer to a confession in a similar style to St. Augustine than a work of instruction or theology as we typically envision it. 703 more words

Eastern Orthodoxy