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Happy Enough?

When my patients struggle to identify reasons for a decline in mood,  I try my best to help them make sense of their distraught emotions.  In the last week, I’ve had patients share that they feel depressed due to difficulty finding a job, having injuries that prevent them from participating in sports, and the moving away of a best friend.   269 more words


Snapchat Scares Up Some Paid Advertisers

Did you get your Ouija board out after watching Snapchat’s Inaugural ad?  Or did you miss it and have no clue what i’m talking about?  If it’s the latter then have no fear, the second part of my Halloween series of posts covers this spooky  295 more words

Lack of evidence for "brain training" claims

“We object to the claim that brain games offer consumers a scientifically grounded avenue to reduce or reverse cognitive decline when there is no compelling scientific evidence to date that they do.” … 681 more words

News Stories

“You can't edit a blank page”

by        D.M. Gutierrez

“You can’t edit a blank page”          ― Nora Roberts

What a fantastic quote! Following close on the heels of Amber P’s recent post about… 439 more words

Writing Struggles

Sacred Heart Payankulam

Let me explain to you what this is. It is a psychiatric hospital but more aptly put, a mental hell hole. I was taken here by the crooked machinations of my relatives. 1,378 more words


Is it a plane, jet plane or a bird? The Categorization of Aesthetics, Typicality and Novelty.


The theory of categorization first emerged in 1975 when Rosch (1979) investigated the cognitive representations of semantic categories. This led to further empirical research into the human categorization of objects and animals. 870 more words


Am I a Bad Person

The feelings I am going to express are less pronounced at the moment as I don’t have a trade on; however, I do remain a proud bear. 502 more words