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Awkward beginnings...

Elation isn’t at all what I felt when I first left.  I felt Alone.  Utterly and completely alone.  Exhausted, empty, shattered, broken… and so very, very, ALONE.   457 more words


Paula: Beauty / Ugly

After church today, I sauntered through the farmer’s market and stopped to photograph the colorful flowers above.  This constitutes the “beauty” part of my post, and it sure as heck needs some beauty because the rest of it is UGLY. 1,084 more words


On injustice and how I came to write 'Hidden Evil'

The last few years have been the most harrowing of my life.

That sounds like the beginning of a great fiction novel doesn’t it? Sadly, it’s not fiction and the statement is all too horribly true. 3,765 more words

Sleeping with the devil: my marriage to a psychopath

The above e-card pretty much describes my ex to a tee (except maybe the commitment issues)–and for the purposes of this blog, I have named him Michael (not his real name). 4,471 more words

Malignant Narcissism

Part Two: finding myself: a hopeless task if you depend on narcissists to do the job for you (late adolescence/early adulthood)

As I entered my late teens, I started to focus on relationships to the expense of developing skills, interests and securing a viable future career. I had a nearly pathologic tendency to fall in love easily, almost always with the wrong guys–guys who would reject me, guys who would initially be loving and generous and then turn into monsters when they gained my trust. 1,683 more words


Raised by a narcissist: my story of psychopathic abuse (childhood and adolescence)

Welp, I’ve been putting this off (and frankly sort of dreading it), but decided to dive right in and start writing my story about how I came to be the kind of person I am and the way I came upon my present circumstances. 3,535 more words

Malignant Narcissism