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Violent Psychopaths Don't Register Punishment, Study Says

Violent psychopaths seem to have abnormalities in the parts of the brain that learn from punishment, according to a new study published in the journal… 309 more words

Confessions Of A Closet Sociopath

I am not sure how it happened or when it started. All I know is that I felt it coming on from the tender age of 18. 608 more words

How to tell if the guy in the next cubicle is an everyday sadist

Savoring the suffering of others isn’t merely the stuff of Fifty Shades of Grey or Hannibal Lecter. Recent psychology research reveals that most people are more likely to encounter sadism in their offices, at the hands of a colleague, than from someone with a flogger or a glass of chianti. 3,791 more words

'Who gets to tell Barry?' Men who post lots of selfies 'exhibit higher levels of narcissism'

A new study led by a professor at Ohio State seems to show that men who post lots of selfies exhibit higher levels of narcissism and psychopathy. 451 more words


NBC's Dateline Airs the Story of Will Jordan -- January 25, 2015

For quite some time, I have been following the story of Mischele Lewis and her encounter with psychopath Will Jordan.  Due to my own particular life history about which I have openly shared, I sometimes feel that my circumstances may be just far enough off the beaten path that the average person might not be able to relate. 736 more words



The past few days have been a study of personal endurance in the face of overwhelming odds.  For the many kind people who have followed my blog, and managed to grasp the gist of my struggle, those amazing souls have… 1,588 more words


Why I Hated This Season of American Horror Story

American Horror Story used to be one of my favorite shows, but this last season was, frankly, a hot mess. I’ve gotten used to AHS… 636 more words