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What It’s Like to Spend 20 Years Listening to Psychopaths for Science

For WIRED, Greg Miller writes: Ted Bundy, shown here in 1978, unwittingly had a role in sparking Kent Kiehl’s interest in psychopaths. Photo: Donn Dughi/Bettmann/CORBIS… 368 more words

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I Feel That You Shouldn’t Tell Me How I Should Feel About My Feelings

I agree with you that everyone’s feelings are equal, but personally, I feel that my feelings should be more important to me than your feelings, no matter how you feel about it. 359 more words

On Psychopathy

Psychopathy is a very involved subject, and if you want to learn more about it, I suggest reading Jon Ronson’s The Psychopath Test after first reading the  854 more words


Was Rob Zombie's Michael Myers based on Henry Lee Lucas?

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Rob Zombie was asked who his favorite non-fictional serial killer was.  He replied:

I love ‘em all. Not, you know, as people or anything, but they all make for great stories.

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Was Mohammed more of a psychopath or a narcissist? It’s a tricky one isn’t it? Both views have their proponents.

On the one hand there is the Mohammed who executed eight tribesmen by branding their eyes with red hot iron, cutting off their hands and feet and throwing them into a desolate place to die (Bukhari 8:82:796). 642 more words


Is Your Child Likely To Be A Psychopath?

The detection and possible determination of potential psychopathy in children is a controversial subject that has only recently come to rise in the modern day. Biological abnormalities, parental influences, genetic inheritance and past events that could contribute to anti-social behaviour, are a few of the many ideas and theories that surround detecting psychopathy in children.  523 more words


Book Review: "Blood Will Out" by Walter Kirn

Finished “Blood Will Out” by Walter Kirn this past weekend.  As stated in my earlier post regarding the Clark Rockefeller case, I have been steadfastly following it since it broke.  679 more words

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