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I Hate Sam Vaknin, But....

Sam Vaknin is a self-avowed and diagnosed malignant narcissist.  As a survivor of a psychopathic relationship, Vaknin’s prolific writings may be one of the first sources of information you come across.  4,064 more words


Life as a Non-Violent Psychopath

Neuroscientist James Fallon discovered through his work that he has the brain of a psychopath… Read the article on theatlantic.com


Sociopaths lack the capacity for empathy.

  • Sociopaths have a profound lack of empathy for the feelings of others. They lack the internal feedback system by which normal people monitor themselves. (Most people call this “conscience,” which is probably as useful a term as any.) Sociopaths do not have this and don’t feel bad about abusing other people.
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Cult Leaders, Psychopaths, and Charlatans


You know what’s disturbing? When man becomes so ambitious that the only symbol he becomes envious of is God himself. He isn’t jealous of… 1,410 more words


A psychopath trying to do the righting!

Whoever heard of such a thing?!?!

Jesus Christ, its not easy

Everyone behaves in fairly predictable ways and its sickening how selfish it is…how and the heck are you going to protect yourself from psychos when all you do is “care about your family” … 92 more words

Alien to Me

I find the idea of psychopathy highly intriguing. I use the term “idea” with no disrespect intended. It is such to me because I am quite high up on the empathy scale. 252 more words

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Vote for Bullyism

Last week’s news of another high school forced to end its football season because of hazing incidents raises several questions.

The hazing practices at Central Bucks High School West in the Philadelphia suburb of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, share some salacious characteristics with those that ended the season for Sayreville High School in central New Jersey. 975 more words