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Ball ache

Balls, ‘nads, nuts, bollocks, testicles- whatever you call them- mine have intermittently ached since I was diagnosed with azoospermia.

I’ve not knocked them, been kicked there or had a viral infection (causing epididimo- orchitis), but intermittently they ache. 84 more words

The Eight Year Old Who Couldn't Eat

In fourth grade, I stopped eating. I was terrified of throwing up, so I stopped eating altogether…. mostly. I was never hospitalized, but I started to severely limit my daily intake of food. 572 more words

Mental Health

finding the source

the weeks pass and i become convinced that my headaches stem
from the quartz crystal i have not cleansed that sits by my
headboard. i run it beneath water, let it catch the sun’s light, 359 more words


Objective vs subjective experience

I was having a discussion recently with a student about the pit falls of using self report questionnaires. She had always been dubious about their value, and after having recently used them in some research, she was even more skeptical. 397 more words


When Illness Becomes Traumatic

Hello to all you amazing Canvas readers!  Remember me?  Maybe?  Just a little?  Clearly it has been a long time since I showed my lovely face around these parts.   951 more words

Mental Health

Overload - Consider ONE Issue at a Time - Stress, Anxiety, and Worry

I’ve been stuck for weeks now on what to say. Or rather, how much to say and about what. If I listed all my “issues” I would just be embarrassed and probably stop writing about them. 98 more words


Internal Conflict Between Minds

There are times in our lives when we know that something isn’t quite right inside our minds yet we can’t necessarily put a finger on exactly what it is. 373 more words