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Alternative Perspective on Mild Depression

I have struggled with mild depression on and off in my life and have noticed something interesting within the last ten years. I find that there are time periods, especially in the colder months, where my body and my mind slow down. 354 more words


Psychosomatic Reactions To Stress, Anyone?

Generally asking for advice on that, and other peoples stories. I ve had psychosomatic reactions to stresd for about 5-6 years. Whenever I m stressed, I get diarrhea, which means that 80% of time I get diarrhea. 61 more words

15 Uniquely German Maladies

You may be German if you suffer from Ostalgie (nostalgia for the old way of life in East Germany (“ost” means East). If you miss your old Trabant and those weekly visits from the secret police, you may have… 15 more words

Can the Mind cause Physical Symptoms

It’s all in  your head

Anyone who has heard someone say this knows exactly how aggravating it can be.

In this post i am going to address common causes of the physical symptoms associated with Anxiety and other mental afflictions.

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Psychosomatic Symptoms From The Ptsd Or ??

Are there any of you kind people who suffer from psychosomatic symptoms from your PTSD? If there is, would you then share your experiences with me? 45 more words

I have given up now hoping that I can cure this infection in a week or two weeks

I have given up now hoping that I can cure this infection in a week, or two weeks. I am just going to persist now with my regime of showers in the morning before bed, anti-bacterial soap, cream, talcum powder and no longer even expecting to see any improvements. 193 more words

Fallbeil - Psychosomat

Fallbeil, producer based in Hamburg, released a month ago this dark gem “Psychosomat”.

We liked the mysticism emanating from the combination between the  schizophrenic synth lines and the  clandestine rhythmic drive..