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Your Body Won't Take Care Of Itself

And neither will your mind.

Taking care of ourselves physically and mentally/emotionally takes time and thought. If we don’t do it, it’s not going to happen on it’s own. 231 more words


OMG, I'm Feeling a Feeling

After a life time of stuffing feelings, turning off, pushing away, denying and shutting downing out of an effort to protect from anger, shame, guilt and fear, we have learned something needs to change.   544 more words

Heal Our Voices: Sex, Pregnancy, Illness & Polite Conversation

I am passionate about sharing women’s stories, and hopeful that in doing so we can make a change in how we are treated. This woman, however, has taken the challenge to a level I’m not sure I would personally be ready to do. 1,022 more words

Social Issues

You Hold the Power

By:  Christine Hunt

The connection between the mind and the body has been known by ancient cultures for thousands of years.  Gurus meditate, the Chinese do Qi Gong, but the western cultures have only recently begun to embrace the concept.  207 more words

Disease Prevention

To be, to know and to learn

Discipline means the capacity to be, the capacity to know and the capacity to learn.  All yoga postures are not really concerned with the body, they are concerned with the CAPACITY TO BE. 264 more words



I quit my job today.  Well, I put my 2 weeks in.  It isn’t like I randomly threw something and stomped out.

Since this is anonymous I feel like I can vent a little bit more.  409 more words


Losing My Voice

I have been without voice or almost -mute for five days now. I communicate with my teenage savages sons via rude gestures sign language, iPhone messages and ape-like grunts. 561 more words