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Would You Handcuff Me?

I once wrote about being put in handcuffs (not arrested) while experiencing a manic episode of bipolar disorder. That – a true story by the way – occurred during my second episode in April 2013. 588 more words


The True Meaning of Psychotic

Someone in one of my summer classes said something the other night that really bothered me. He described the main character of Divergent (a book we are required to read for class) as psychotic because she seems “all over the place.” He said that her emotions are always changing, making her psychotic. 678 more words


Wes Annac Interviews - Eric Dweller: "Spiritual Awakening Should Be Embraced" - Part 1/2

“Wes Annac Interviews” is an interview-based series I created to give the spotlight to fellow seekers who aren’t well-known in the conscious circles.

I think every seeker should be empowered; should be given a voice to express themselves and how they feel about various aspects of our unfolding evolution and our construction of a new, utopian society. 1,157 more words

Eric Dweller

Self Harm

The road-less traveled, I was shown,
Sinister domain of Hades once roamed.

Abusing myself was my desire.
Selling my soul to the highest malevolent buyer. 15 more words


Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is a Canadian Comedy/Horror film released in 2010. Written by Morgan Jurgenson and Eli Craig, who is also the films director is a great send up of the slasher genre. 896 more words


Bob and George

One of the many, MANY stories about the infamous Bob and George. I will have to write a history of those two devious characters.


Once upon a time, in a land plagued by demons, evil witches and ugly filled whore houses; there were two insanely attractive women with a very serious problem. 512 more words

Short Story

Solitude, Invisibility And Super-Powers

I enjoy solitude. I think I enjoy solitude more than what is acceptable to regular folks. However, it is the regular folks who are the catalyst for my solitude. 64 more words