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The Mist

As Stephen King has authored more than 50 novels, it’s no surprise that sometimes adaptations are made from works that I’ve never read or in this one’s case heard about until after I’ve seen the film. 649 more words


must be

his hands clung to her hair and pulled her face up to his. what are we to each other? what are we doing to each other? 176 more words

punishing loved ones

my sister and i have been having a bad streak lately. all we do is fight. i contemplate whether i should get out of bed every morning, knowing she probably woke up before me and is waiting to give me a piece of her mind in the kitchen. 256 more words


i hope you don't think this post's about you j

have you ever had such a deep conversation with someone that you instantly feel like you want them to stay in your life for good? he wasn’t even that good looking, but in my eyes he was fucking sexy. 611 more words

dec 11 2014

I went from wanting one guy to obsessing over another (both long distance over-the-phone relationships), to being ditched by both for their past lovers. How does one even get over their ex? 555 more words




And all those

In between



‘Round the corners

Of my dreams



And drawing

Ever nearer

Searching… 58 more words


Last Christmas - Kate Brian (Novel)

I brought this book two summers ago from a friends yard sale, so I had no idea that this book was actually part of a series. 269 more words

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