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14 Reddit AMA Threads You Absolutely Need to Read

This post is part of Impact, a category we created to make you think about peoples stories and empower them to make a difference. It’s also a place for you to empower yourself to change your life for the better. 230 more words


#Teesside How Many Detectives are allowed to Handle Defendants Blood Forensics

Twitter Trials. I’m Not the. #Mccanns I’d except Anyone to Question Me About the allegations which lead to me being Convicted for a Crime I didn’t do. 892 more words

Girl on Fire

I almost choked my sister today…I mean, my hands were on her throat. I felt a red light flash across my field of vision I was so angry, there was mercury carving river beds in my skin, a rush so good and so horrific you’re not entirely sure it’s real. 613 more words

Over Medicating Children

A woman goes to visit her 8 year old son who has been in a state run mental institution for 5 weeks. He was placed there because the 4 medications they had him on was not controlling his outrageous temper tantrums. 379 more words


Go ahead and say what you want
Of the people you love to whisper and taunt,
Talking of the personalities they flaunt
Involuntarily without a second thought. 97 more words


Well This Is Cool...

Well hi. Right now is is 12:06… I am tired. I am bored. I can’t sleep. I have wanted to start a blog, and what is a better time to start one than early in the morning/late at night. 45 more words



Today’s blog has absolutely nothing to do with dogs (sorry about that, normal dog-related postings will resume soon  ;) ) but instead to do with akathisia. 609 more words