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Microsoft Tablet and 3D CAD Used to Design Next-Gen Microsoft Tablet

Suppose a computer company wanted to convince you that its wafer-thin tablet could replace your laptop. As an engineer or designer, you probably want to see the device run some full-blown 3D CAD software. 191 more words

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Aberdeen Sheds Light on Product Development Best Practices

Companies need to do their best to break down the silos between product development and operations because a more holistic approach help a company do a better job of tackling change and creating highly manufacturable products, according to a new report from Aberdeen Research. 413 more words

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PTC in High Tech: UbiQuoss Brings 10 Gigabit Connectivity Home

While you sit in front of your computer with a 10 Megabit per second (Mbps) connection, waiting to buffer that “must see” YouTube video, consider this: In South Korea, they’re already delivering speeds of… 529 more words

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A Quick History of PTC and PTC Creo

Since 1985, PTC has been 100% committed to supporting the needs of leading manufacturing companies worldwide. As one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing technology companies, PTC delivers technology solutions that transform the way companies create and service their products. 504 more words

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Profiles in Flexible Modeling: Taer Innovation Protects Smartphones

Apple products are renowned for their clean lines. MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones all embrace a “less is more” philosophy in which the design “defers” to the screen. 483 more words

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“Battery Pack Development/Design/Manufacturing Engineer (Consumer Products/Electronics Domain)” for 06+ months Contract position in Redmond, WA.

Job Title: “Battery Pack Development/Design/Manufacturing Engineer (Consumer Products/Electronics Domain)”

Job Location: Redmond, WA.

Job Duration: 06+ months

Job Nature: Contract

Required Years of Experience: 05-10… 261 more words


Tooling with PTC Creo: Szimikron Precision Technologies

The ball screw is an old invention that finds new applications with every generation. Engineers specify these deceptively simple mechanical devices anywhere they need efficient linear movement from rotational motion. 452 more words

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