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Designing Better Smartphone Cases with PTC Creo

We’ve talked a lot here about electronic gadgets and the technologies inside of them.  PTC users contribute to the video displays, the sensors, the… 549 more words

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PTC in High Tech: Syncomm Makes Smart TVs Smarter with PTC Creo

It used to be that an “entertainment center” was a heavy oak piece of furniture that took up a wall of the living room. It housed your TV, game consoles, VHS tapes, video player, and maybe the photo albums too. 566 more words

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PTC Creo LinkedIn Group Surpasses 10,000 Members!

The PTC Creo team is very pleased to announce that our LinkedIn group has surpassed the 10,000 member milestone!

LinkedIn members use the group to connect with other PTC Creo users, ask questions, and exchange ideas. 170 more words

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Airam and PTC Bring Light Back to a Design Legend

Since 1921, Helsinki’s Airam has been lighting up Finland. The company started out manufacturing bulbs and repairing old broken incandescent lamps (an especially useful service during the resource-scarce war years). 521 more words

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Deemec Bring Value to Clients with PTC Creo Expertise

While many of the PTC Creo customers we profile in this blog create products for brands, a few make a business out of contracting out engineering services.  444 more words

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Dyna Empire Masters Titanium with PTC Creo

When a major aerospace company recently designed a new generation of aircraft, engineers looked everywhere for places to save weight, even under the seats.

Every little bit matters when you’re trying to build a vehicle that will only “sip” fuel as it carries passengers across the world. 672 more words

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Profiles in Flexible Modeling: Digi02 Improves Telemedicine & Lives

Often, when people think about telemedicine, they think about conference calls with the doctor. Make an appointment, turn on the computer, and wait for your on-screen chat. 522 more words

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