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Monster Month #12- Kongamato

Kongamato (Or “Breakers of Boats”) are supposedly an extant population of pterosaurs that are sometimes reported in Angola and Congo.

Descriptions are a lot more rhamphorhynchoid in appearance, but I felt more like drawing a pteranodon.


Worm hole into another dimension

now they know you’ve left the planet
seeing pink dolphins in the sky
least it’s not a Pterosaur or T. Rex
went swimming right by me too… 45 more words



This is a close-up of a well-preserved Rhamphorhyncus from the Royal Ontario Museum; it’s from the Middle Jurassic, so it’s at least 161 million years old. 61 more words


Django add attribute to individual radio or checkbox

I’m using a ModelForm to create multiple choice questions, and I want to apply a CSS class to a particular option (the “other” choice, in my case). 46 more words


Django email not sending

I am trying to send email through Django as part of django-userena, but I am not able to get email to send at all. In my settings, I have: 250 more words


"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page"*...

Welcome to travelbydrone.com! We want to give you the chance to discover the world from the perspective of drones. The video footage of the area you are most interested in is as accessible as never before.

274 more words

Pterosaur is awesome!


If the world were a pool of dinosaurs, my parents would be pterosaurs. Not tyrannosaurs or sauropods, but pterosaurs, whose predatory skills are no less powerful, and benevolent parenthood is too no less admirable. 333 more words

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