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MCSNB 2886 reconstructed

MCSNB 2886 is another roadkill partial pterosaur from the Triassic (Wild 1978, Dalla Vecchia 2003). Here it is (Fig. 1) and here it is reconstructed (Fig. 77 more words


A tiny naris in Guidraco

Guidraco is related to Ludodactylus, another crested ornithocheirid.

And for those who think the fenestra closer to the antorbital fenestra makes a better naris, I say, “good eye!” 111 more words


Evidence for a flightless Quetzalcoatlus northropi

Quetzalcoatlus northropi (Fig. 1, Lawson 1975) is well known as the largest pterosaur of all time. It is known chiefly from most of the wing, which dwarves that of the more complete specimen of  625 more words


Who Doesn't Need a Few Pterosaur Facts?

The American Museum of Natural History is putting together a first-of-its-kind pterosaur exhibit called “Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs.” Mark Norell, chair of the museum’s paleontology division, was instrumental in putting the exhibit together. 31 more words

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ITunes disfigures Dimorphodon

Apple ITunes
is offering a dino app. Unfortunately it includes a badly configured Dimorphodon (Fig. 1) in a quadrupedal pose with hands far ahead of the shoulders… 187 more words


A new German 'Darwinopterid' pterosaur

Regular readers of the Pterosaur.net blog will have already seen this post and might well have put two and two together and realised that this is ‘Darwinopterus’-like pterosaur from the Solnhofen. 721 more words


Private Pterodactylus with extensive soft tissue

www.solnhofen-fossilienatlas.de is a commercial website selling fossils over the Internet. Sometimes they have spectacular fossils for sale. Today we’ll look at their Pterodactylus #1359.

The first thing you’ll notice is all that soft tissue, especially the wing membranes and uropatagia. 392 more words