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The Galactic Neighbourhood

An invisible brown dwarf has been found a mere 7.2 light years away, by space telescopes searching in the infrared.
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New Pterosaur Species, Well-Preserved Eggs Found in China

Paleontologists have discovered remains of about 40 male and female individuals of a new pterosaur species with five exceptionally well-preserved 3D eggs in the Early Cretaceous deposit in northwestern China. 381 more words

Hami-Wing Pterosaurs - a Poem by Kate Rauner

Sexually dimorphic,
(Sort boys from girls by that)
Tridimensional fossils,
(They are not all squished flat):
Pterosaurs from China
With wingspans twice your height.
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New pterosaur species and their eggs discovered in China

This video is called First 3D Flying Reptile Eggs Discovered in China.

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Getting ahead: the new crested pterosaur Hamipterus has researchers aflutter…

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Stunning fossil eggs provide insight on ancient flying reptiles | Reuters

A spectacular fossil find in China – a prehistoric egg extravaganza from 120 million years ago – is providing unique insight into the lifestyle and gender differences of… 137 more words

China Alert

Flying pterosaur, fossil eggs

The first pterosaur eggs that were preserved in three dimensions have been found in China, giving us a glimpse into the lives of flying reptiles. 431 more words