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Fossil of the day #6

Today’s fossils are from the trip to Colorado: 264 more words


Monster Month #16- Ropen

As promised, here is the Ropen. A supposed pterosaur sighted for years in Papua New Guinea. It is also supposedly bio-luminescent, and it is also certainly a hoax.

Random Cartoons

Monster Month #12- Kongamato

Kongamato (Or “Breakers of Boats”) are supposedly an extant population of pterosaurs that are sometimes reported in Angola and Congo.

Descriptions are a lot more rhamphorhynchoid in appearance, but I felt more like drawing a pteranodon.

Monster Month

Worm hole into another dimension

now they know you’ve left the planet
seeing pink dolphins in the sky
least it’s not a Pterosaur or T. Rex
went swimming right by me too… 45 more words