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Officer and Paramedics Aid Elderly Man Spitting Up Blood

By: Jordan Bayes

On April 8, Officer Jay Ward and two paramedics came to the assist of an elderly man that had been spitting up blood in his sink. 325 more words


Trauma on the job: No shame in asking for help

by Donna Ferguson, Psychologist with the WSIB Psychological Trauma Program

Military suicides and stories of police or paramedics suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have increasingly become front-page news. 429 more words

Care & Treatment

It’s happened- mum saw my cuts. She was firm and asked me to give her all my blades. I had to stand there and show her the damage I did to my legs- I felt like a criminal, the worst sort of evil thing. 226 more words

The battered man

I have treated plenty of abused and battered women in my day, far more than I ever wanted to.

There’s a certain pattern of thinking and behavior that goes along with being an abused woman that becomes so familiar you can spot it in minutes: the tendency to minimize the seriousness and damaging effects of the abuse; to confabulate explanations for the bruises and abrasions which defy logic; to assume blame for the abuse even in the face of firm remonstration from sympathetic parties not to assume blame; to protect the reputation and dignity of the abuser by refusing to report the abuse to the authorities, and in some cases even by refusing to acknowledge that the other party is, in fact, an abuser. 676 more words


The Dreaded Phone Call

I have implemented Low Contact with my mother for a few months now. This is because I have finally realised that no matter what I said or did she is not going to listen to a word I’ve said. 1,244 more words


Daycare Director

Today I am signing out my kids at the daycare, before I fetch them from their rooms. The director comes up to me. 

“I hear you got a new kid.” 74 more words