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It Might Not Be A Silver Lining, but It's Not Coal Either

*Alright, here’s the deal: this post is important and it’s been sitting on my desk for a few months. But it’s still important because it still says something. 767 more words

An Unverifiable Story About Peter

It is easy to find the differences between you and I,
But mostly because of what oneĀ infers by the names of chemicals in our bodies… 124 more words

Up through the atmosphere, up where the air is clear

At last!!!!! Sunshine and no rainy day! Time to get Bob out. And out we went. Taking the cover off him this morning was refreshing to say the least. 515 more words

Harry Potter: PTSD


Book readers know that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was the dawn of CAPSLOCK HARRY! 310 more words

Grieving Those Who Are Still Alive & Other Moods

I’ve been away a long time, I know. From time to time I have phases where, even though I’m going through something, I don’t have the words or sometimes just the energy to blog it. 682 more words


Colorado service dog dodges euthanasia, helps Vietnam Vet

A Colorado service dog named Gander proves that unconditional love conquers all. Almost put down, he was rescued by Freedom Service Dogs, trained as a service dog in a prison, and was then paired with a Vietnam Veteran with PTSD from Illinois as a service animal. 9 more words


Forgiveness Day 7

The final day is about forgiving yourself…

And it’s probably the hardest thing to do. I don’t really need to explain why, but I am going to anyways… 241 more words