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If practice makes perfect, and we are never finished perfecting,

then I will always try to better myself thusly!

Thinking that there is an end state with mental illness is like a madness. 79 more words


I will not quit on her

I will not quit on her. I have been through hell with my body. I will not give up on her health.

I fucking hate hospitals. 76 more words

"Disgustingly happy art" was approved (and thoughts on today)

Met with TM again today and showed her the finished Unicorn Pegasus picture. She really liked it. We talked about how difficult it was to do, and how it didn’t really meet my standards, but that it was growing on me. 1,183 more words


Giving into the inevitable

So over the weekend I had an atrocious episode. It was to the point where it got violent. There was suicide attempts and broken windows. I can’t imagine how my family felt. 219 more words

Days 25-27: My Strength is Growing

Today’s form of self-care: list 3 things you like about yourself.  Okay…I planned to start out listing 3 things because I thought “3 things, that’ll be manageable!”  I was worried that if I started out trying to list too many things, I would realize how difficult it was and get down on myself instead of feeling better.   455 more words

Self Care

Bf Has Ptsd And His Ex Has Bpd - Is It Worth It?

I ve supported my BF for the past 2 years since he had a crisis/breakdown and was consequently diagnosed with (Complex) PTSD. We ve been together for almost 5 years now. 68 more words