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Not All Wounds Leave Scars

Close to 300 service members committed suicide last year. Many of these unfortunate casualties undoubtedly suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and could no longer cope with the terrible pressures and emotions associated with this disease. 999 more words


She Asked For a Birthday Dinner

There she stood, black hair, black clothes, a troubled, depressed, awkward young woman with the knowledge of a 16 year old. She was lost. She felt alone. 585 more words



It’s nightime and I’m in bed, but can’t fall asleep. I begin to think. I think about the past very often. Think about what could have been or should have been. 120 more words


Finding Things Again…

As you know I was asked to move out of my roommates home. It was stressful at first, but it’s worked out ok and this time moving I’ve been able to actually unpack everything. 280 more words


"Letting Go and Lucidity" by Jessica Morey-Collins

“A passage through a cave to somewhere well-stocked and safe and open, a passage through my body—a huge chamber with glass walls. Fish swim goggle eyed. 936 more words

North American Review

Extreme Naps

Sam found a trauma specialist, she is a private practitioner and I’ve been there twice. I admit I have agonized over the cost because I do not have an income aside from my book sales. 850 more words


Mo. State Senator: Ferguson is 'Experiencing PTSD Right Now'

FERGUSON, Mo. (CBS St. Louis/AP) — A Missouri state senator believes the town of Ferguson is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder following the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown in August. 831 more words