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7 Tips for No-Strings Sex

For many men, scoring no-strings sex with a hot girl is the pinnacle of game. The hotter the girl and the easier the sex, the better. 1,340 more words


4 most attractive female facial expressions

The most attractive types of facial expressions for females to display, according to a sample of men:

1. Happiness

2. Neutral

3. Pride

4. Shame… 47 more words


First Approach

The first approach happened around noon on my way to picture the giant metal flower called Floralis Genérica in Buenos Aires.

Remember that according to The Master Plan, this stage just calls to approach random girls, ask basic questions, exchange a couple of words and leave the interaction. 203 more words


Day Game Success

On Monday March 14, 2014 I went to Venice Beach to do some daygame. Met a chick named Jasmine. Went on an Instadate and spend about an hour with her on the Venice boardwalk. 12 more words

I decided to make a change

Sup Players,

I decided to start this blog to help guys out there who are struggling with women. But before I get into the content I want to say a little bit about myself. 268 more words

How To Get Girls

Broaden your horizons

Going out to bars, clubs, etc. is only one aspect of getting good at cold approach.

What if Michael Jordan only played basketball when the Bulls had a game? 62 more words


The Master Plan for becoming a Pickup Artist

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. ~B. Franklin

The whole reason why this project was started is because, as of today, I am far from being a “PickUp Artist”.

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