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How to buy women?

It’s a two step process

Step 1: Find out what she wants /values most.

Step 2: Give her that

She is all yours.

You give the other person something they value. 404 more words


This S#&t Is All F*$ked Up!

If you are an adult woman (or man) who is single or married or married and now single or whatever your certain situation, how’s that working out? 854 more words

Blue Pill

What motivates you?

In the study of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), there are two types of motivation: toward and away from.

When you’re working toward something, you generally have a better mindset; you’re thinking positively about the things you want. 108 more words


Confident Set with Another German (9/100)

Our eyes had caught the night before. She was watching a movie with a few others in the lounge of the hostel. She was slightly curvy with tanned skin and blond/brown hair. 642 more words

Self-limiting beliefs

Quote from the Tom Robbins novel Skinny Legs and All: “When a person accepts a broader definition of reality, a broader net is cast upon the waters of fortune.” 30 more words