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The Shy Bastard.

It’s probably┬átime I wrote an article that wasn’t about AWARE and its related rubbish. Enough with feminism. Let’s talk about me.┬áBecause it’s all about ME! 827 more words

Red Pill

Influence: Voice and Charisma

Looking through substantial amounts of material related to persuasion, or how to be a better influencer, it is easy to run into very good techniques and skills that one can put into practice. 780 more words


In Field Report #2 + Infield Lessons

Infield from last night

I had been working all day from morning until night. My buddy told me to approach and so I did. First set was extremely awkward, but it was just for me to get out of the zombie mode I was in. 248 more words


Deception to Seduce Girls - Fast Results...but at What Price?

Let me picture the scene, it’s 3am and the Musketeers are hanging out after another university night out. We have had a few make-outs but nothing serious evolves.In the meantime, we’ve been texting some of the circle (hareem if you will), who are also still partying, and they are getting amped up on the good vibes and cheeky texts. 424 more words

Personal Growth

#TheGame by Neil Strauss was my Slippery Slope to Self Help

by @anarchyroll

Learning how to talk to women in bars and nightclubs for the sole purpose of having casual/promiscuous sex is not what one would call the traditional road to enlightenment and inner peace. 603 more words

Stimulus Space Response

Ain't that a kick in the head

While they were in their heyday, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and the rest of the Rat Pack didn’t know they’d eventually be viewed as role models of cool. 114 more words


Agree & Amplify gets scientific approval as a persuasion technique


“Researchers found that showing people extreme versions of ideas that confirmed – not contradicted – their opinions on a deeply divisive issue actually caused them to reconsider their stance and become more receptive to other points of view.

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