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Street Art in Brick Lane

Last month I went on the Alternative London walking tour in Brick Lane, an area of London noted for its graffiti/street art and its curry houses. 460 more words

Touring London

The John Snow (Soho, London)

When it really wasn’t safe to drink the water

There is only one public house by this name, on Broadwick Street in the heart of Soho, and it commemorates a local doctor, one John Snow (1813–58), who managed to save thousands of lives through his quick thinking. 690 more words

Albert Jack

The Red Lion

A war waged through pub names

One of the most popular pub names in Britain, the Red Lion has an interesting history behind it. One theory claims the reason there are so many Red Lions was due to James VI of Scotland becoming James I of England and Ireland, on 24 March 1603 (see also The Britannia). 699 more words

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The Garibaldi

The Italian hero who became the toast (and biscuit) of Victorian England

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, Italy was a collection of warring states. 941 more words

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The Flying Dutchman

The ghostly captain and his crew condemned to sail the seas for ever

There are many Flying Dutchman pubs throughout Britain and as many theories supporting the origin of the name. 909 more words

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