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Drinking Is Thinking

It is nearly nine o’clock in The Albatross and Head Porter and I are just about to have one drink too many. What started out as an informal chat about work has delightfully mutated in something approximating a Fairly Good Night. 771 more words

St. James Corner

I’ve wanted to go out some evening and finally found a decent excuse: Ryan Smyth’s last game.

That’s a pretty terrible excuse but I’ll take what I can get. 522 more words


Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

Touristy? Sure. But a whole lot of fun too. A must stop bar in downtown Jackson, Wyoming. Don’t miss the saddle bar stools in the background.

Secret London

I love having friends and family coming to visit as it means I can spend days wandering around London with them and showing my favourite bits. 317 more words

Beer Vending Machine Installed In London Pub

And now we have it! The introduction in a London pub, of the first beer vending machine to be installed in the UK. No further need to even talk to the friendly, highly-trained, knowledgeable and interesting person behind the bar when getting your beverage. 116 more words


Type in Earlsfied

There’s obviously a trend for this kind of thing, a jumble of fonts picking out vague catering industry activities – all of which speak to our deepest desires. 100 more words