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The Last Stop of the Tour: The Fantastic Pub-Museum!

The Maclay Inn, at The Crook of Devon in Fife , Scotland is one of those fabulous pubs that have turned into a hobby, or maybe a hobby turned into a pub? 137 more words


Your wine-grower is honored through the new advertising campaign of Blaye that aims to put a face on men and women behind their bottles.

Stéphane Heurlier

Hungrier by the hound

Really hungry and craving for some sumptuous meals? The Hungry Hound might just be the answer. Their dishes are really luscious that will fill one’s starving tummy. 426 more words

Iced Tea

Dinner at the King's Head

So, we had dinner at our lovely local pub. About a year ago, it got new owners and quite the makeover, changing to more of a  687 more words


Lotus Eaters Getting High On Sun

In the land of the lotus eaters, or snorters, it occurred to me a funny thing. Lotus eaters was always a term spared for the sunshine coast of California, it originally being a myth concerning Odysseus who got wrecked on an island where the inhabitants made him ingest narcotics, California has taken the modern day rep. 384 more words



We decided to get an early start on London this morning, so we were up at 8. First up was Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. Nikita and Michael still had some time to kill before their flight in the afternoon, so they tagged along with us. 356 more words


I have finished classes for summer semester! Now it’s time to study for finals. But first…

Went to Dollarama and bought these little lights that can clip onto your fingers. 207 more words