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The Next-Generation Data Center

Recently I moved to a service provider and for the past few months have been looking at a multi-site, next-generation Private Cloud design and how it will scale over the next 5 to 10 years.  917 more words

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IBM beefs up cloud worldwide with more data centers

Remember that data center land grab we keep talking about?  It’s not letting up. This week it’s IBM’s turn (again) to claim data center expansion to fuel its effort to offer cloud services worldwide. 325 more words

Microsoft Will Let Customers Run Its Software On Google's Cloud - Business Insider

Excellent move by Microsoft and classic case of Game Theoretical concept called ‘Co-optetion’. Here is good read on co-optetion on Wikipedia, the essence of which is: “Coopetition occurs when companies interact with partial congruence of interests. 628 more words

Cloud Computing

The New ‘IT’ Factor: Cloud Management

The concept of outsourcing is nothing new. After all, individuals and companies have been turning to experts—from financial planners to lawyers to accountants—for decades. Cloud management outsourcing, on the other hand … well, that’s a more recent option for businesses, and it’s being pursued by them at an accelerated rate. 384 more words


Cloud の調査:10 の神話に真実はあるのか? どこに虚構が紛れ込んでいるのか?

Cloud Computing Myths: What’s True and What isn’t about Cloud Hype?
By Dick Weisinger – Dec 3, 2014

While cloud computing is becoming ubiquitous, it’s often hard to know how much of the hype around the technology you should actually believe. 370 more words


The Road to Damascus?

So, last month I decided to bow to peer (well, “industry”) pressure and check out Amazon Web Services for myself.

That’s right, before the year 2014 was out, I finally started my own personal “journey” to THE CLOUD(TM). 1,720 more words

Oracle Databases

A real quick quick start with Google Cloud Platform command line tools

Getting started with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is actually very easy but as with getting started with anything sometimes you just want a quick 101 of essential steps to set you on your merry way. 732 more words

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