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Amazon Web Services revenue growth is way down

Yes, Amazon Web Services is still a big and growing public cloud. But it’s not growing at the rate it once did.

Amazon just released its quarterly earnings report for the second quarter of 2014. 401 more words


Rackspace is now ready to talk about charging for cloud infrastructure by the minute (updated)

Updated at 2:56 p.m. Pacific with comment from Rackspace.

Rackspace doesn’t want to be in the commodity public cloud business. But it is making one concession to those fast-moving companies. 290 more words


Microsoft Azure cloud revenue keeps on growing

Microsoft’s quickly maturing Azure public cloud looks to be generating more revenue for the company — fortunately for cloud-obsessed chief executive Satya Nadella.

Azure growth was up more than 100 percent year over year, according to a statement that came out alongside… 154 more words


Amazon can't use stall tactics to hide its cloud revenues for much longer

For years, market-leading public cloud Amazon Web Services (AWS) has hidden in the shadows of Amazon.com’s quarterly earnings statements. But that could change.

Amazon might have to open up about the profitability of its cloud division to comply with federal accounting standards in the near future, as the revenue and assets of its AWS division grow larger. 365 more words


OpenNebula gets Azure and Softlayer integration with new plug-ins

The new beta version of the OpenNebula open-source cloud stack includes plug-ins for Microsoft(s msft)’s Azure and IBM(s ibm)’s SoftLayer. Before these integrations in OpenNebula “Lemon Slice” 4.8 were announced on Monday, OpenNebula’s only official hybrid cloud support related to… 157 more words


Rackspace, battling Amazon, tiers cloud services to show off its strengths

Rackspace(s rax), the cloud provider that has always differentiated itself based on the value of its “fanatical support,” is now tiering its more basic IaaS cloud resources from its higher-level, support-intensive offerings. 435 more words