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Being A "Good Citizen" in the USA Does Not Equate To Being A Good Person ( or a White Nationalist)


After dealing with drama in my son’s last two schools, which included bullying by Die Versity in its adult and child forms, I have decided to homeschool him and I am going to keep doing it till he reaches his teens.  341 more words

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Viking Bitch's post is priceless for its insights into the mind of a racially aware White mother. I'll add that while she admits to not being a good citizen in this clusterfreak of a FUBAR country, many others are "not" good citizens either: patriots, gun owners, conservatives, Christians, traditionalists, and so many more. We're probably half the population, but with open borders in the USA, we're sinking fast as a percent of the population. The Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves. They died so we could allow turds to sh*t all over their legacy.

Our Education System Continues It's Downward Slide to Destruction


White is not right: Campus admins ask for help weeding out white people

2:43 PM 04/15/2014

Western Washington University (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)  

Western Washington University sent a questionnaire to students asking them for… 236 more words


Hirsch Refutation

In E.D. Hirsch’s book The Making of Americans, Hirsch’s bold views of the public education curriculum, or lack thereof, is explicitly stated throughout.  However, in chapter one, Hirsch makes a specific claim that I perceive to be much more alarming than the rest.  529 more words

Tom Tancredo as JeffCo Superintendent? Not so fast...either way.

A rumor started going around the State on Monday that Tom Tancredo, the former U.S. Congressman from Douglas County, champion of the wacky right/politically incorrect crowd (he called Miami a ‘third world country’?), now on the Republican primary ballot for Governor, is considering applying for the position as Superintendent of Jeffco. 329 more words

Public Education

Educrats don't 'get' science...

Homeschool your kids.

The Los Angeles Unified School District has suspended high school teacher Greg Schiller because the science projects two of his students were working on…

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Put to the test

Local schools score an A+ in academic in excellence

By Matt Schickling
Wire Staff Writer

Success in education has become a recurring theme across the schools in Council Rock School District. 603 more words

Bucks County

Willows, CA – Ever wonder who is REALLY behind the surge of school bonds in California?  Follow the money:

Our children and grandchildren are the unwitting hostages of massive future debt from an exotic bond scheme promoted by Wall Street as a way to build schools that is really a financial scam.

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