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Education Reform: Part III

Did you know that different people have different talents?  Did you know that some people are actually more likely to succeed in a career as a doctor than others?  237 more words


Patrick Walsh reviews "A Chronicle of Echoes: Who's Who in the Implosion of American Public Education" by Mercedes K. Schneider

When the superb news source, truthdig.com, posts a superb review by a superb reviewer of a superb book by a superb author, the sharing of all becomes important to us all. 291 more words

Giving 'citizen scientists' a stake in ocean management

California Sea Grant provides unique educational opportunities for graduate students in the form of 12-month paid fellowships. Liz Parissenti is currently completing her fellowship at the California Ocean Protection Council. 686 more words


The Economy, Education, & What America Deserves!

By Matthew D’Amico

With the school year underway and children getting ready to learn new things about the world, there is great worry as to the state of education in America today. 1,067 more words

Labor Unions

No more architecture at Lane Tech... pity

Lane Tech, the mammoth high school on Chicago’s Northwest Side, is a presence in the city. Although the school’s 4500 plus student body and iconic façade complete with 6-story clock tower dominate its fame, the unique experience the school offers certainly plays a big role in the school’s legacy. 951 more words


Are Public School Norms Shifting in Connecticut?

Tabula Rasa Memo 2

This is another article I’ve written in regards to school norms as seen in one Connecticut high school.