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Continuing to Watch Colorado

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Colorado’s Education reform policies are the strongest nationally. The state is headed in the right direction with an increased on-time graduation rate of 1.5 percentage point increase. 57 more words

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I Am So Tired

I keep asking myself if I have another year in me. Can I survive this school year? I am more than mentally tired, I am so exhausted physically i find myself unable to get out of bed most mornings regardless of how much sleep I get I am just exhausted of the unrewarding dull tiresome routine that I’m forced into. 263 more words


The Education Racket

A Washington D.C. non-profit organization has stepped forward to challenge the state of New Mexico’s decision to award national education giant, Pearson, a lucrative contract to write and administer the state’s common core standardized tests. 9 more words


Make Drivers Education Classes Mandatory in High School

Knowing that the leading cause of death among teenagers is fatal car crashes, one would think that teaching adolescents how to safely drive would be a national priority—or at least a high school graduation requirement. 510 more words

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Hannah Arendt: American Education

Hannah Arendt (1906-1975), a German-born Jewish-American political theorist, wrote an essay on America’s education system in the wake of Brown v. Board of Education (1954). “Reflections on Little Rock” (1959) discusses de-segregation, bussing, states’ rights, etc. 457 more words


You Gotta See This

One of our loyal readers, Watchman, has done us all a valuable service by directing our attention to a website, http://www.psychquotes.com/ .

It’s a pageful of quotes by psychiatrists and psychologists, and maybe a few psychotics in the  bargain, about public education and its goals. 101 more words

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The sad story of California's Beginning Teacher program

So in the 1990s California designed the Beginning Teacher and Support and Assessment System (BTSA) – a complex endeavor that was categorically funded. A new  733 more words