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Children don’t want to work in school anymore – NOT!

It is somehow human nature that we are far more aware of the negatives in our lives, and miss a lot of the positives.  In an odd way, that is probably a good thing – one essential to early human survival, and one that any soldier, police officer, or a person walking down a dark street would certainly appreciate.  1,944 more words

D.A. Russell

Common Core Lessons & Material for English & Humanities

Edistement!, a division of the National Endowment for the Humanities, has released a series of Common Core Lesson plans for the 2014 school year. 70 more words


Harlem BioSpace is putting learning in the lab

Tucked into one of Columbia University’s bioengineering labs, 25 high school students are vigilantly poring over salad spinners, pipe cleaners, circuit boards, and solar panels. They are trying to build solutions to some of the many problems plaguing under-resourced communities around the world, such as lack of lighting, contaminated water, and even dangerous childbirth. 1,639 more words


Special Board Meeting Aug 25/14: Trustee Elections Bylaw / Board Letters #5

No recording is available at this time as the Board office is behind a picket line. The meeting took place at Goward House, 2495 Arbutus Road. 724 more words

Prevention Approaches in Australia

BSTS Blog Series: “Protecting unborn babies from alcohol-related harm”

Written by Nathalie P

Prevention Approaches in Australia

At first glance, it seems outrageous that children with FASD can’t have a normal life because their mother’s irresponsible decision to use alcohol during pregnancy. 138 more words


Academia and the New World Order

“I’m going to engage in intellectual inquiry wherever it may take me, even if it goes straight into the the very existence and bowels of the University of California, Yale, you name it.”-Darrell Hamamto… 871 more words

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