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Poultry Inspection Regime Likely to Undergo Major Changes

The 95 percent of Americans who eat chicken may want to take notice: the inspections regime for processing chickens and turkeys is likely to undergo major changes as the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) pushes onward in its expansion of a pilot program that will apply to all of the country’s poultry processing plants. 609 more words


Transfer Nightmare

I had nightmares the night before I was transferred into a “sober home” and then transferred back, and the shelter staff continues its pathological lying… 458 more words

Social Justice

July 23, 1800: French Water Filter Patent Issued

July 23, 1800:  French patent granted to James Smith, ‘Citizen’ Ciuchet and Denis Monfort for an elaborate filtration device consisting of layers of wool, 2 inches crushed sandstone, 12 inches coarse powdered charcoal pressed into a solid with river sand, and 12 inches of sand or crushed sandstone. 195 more words


BL-3 and BL-4: Mistakes Will Always Be Made

The difference between smart students and not-so-smart students is that the not-so-smart students will screw up in predictable ways, while the smart ones will screw up in completely novel and unexpected ways (of course, we never screwed anything up…). 251 more words

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Hush Hush I got a Secret!!

I was watching the News over the weekend and I came upon a segment that talked about social media and this new application called Whisper. They were analyzing why was it so popular and why would anyone uses it. 488 more words

Media Production

Recycling: Five years of July

Each month I’m reaching into the archives to highlight a piece from that month of each past year. Especially for those of you who missed them the first time around, I hope they provide interesting and useful reading. 356 more words

Workplace Bullying

Angie Lee; William Zhu; Tiffany Hoang: Hanoi, Vietnam


Younji (Angie) Lee UG ’17; William Zhu UG ’15; Tiffany Hoang MED

Institute for Population, Health, and Development (PHAD)

Hanoi, Vietnam



Greetings from Hanoi, Vietnam! 487 more words