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Raceland, Ky., couple begins Peace Corps service in Botswana

Andrew and Holly (Kemp) Crance, of Raceland, Ky., have been accepted into the Peace Corps and will depart for Botswana Aug 10 to begin training as health volunteers. 494 more words


Harper government aims to clamp down on prescription drug abuse with new rules for doctors

TORONTO — Ottawa has issued a national call for proposals to improve prescribing practices for opioids and other drugs that pose a high risk of abuse or addiction. 338 more words


12 Facts About Microwaves That Should Forever Terminate Their Use

From ‘Waking Times‘, by Marco Torres, long-awaited information about negative aspects of microwave ovens. (Many interesting posts can be found there).

We have all been well aware of the dangers to users, of microwave leakage from these ovens, but they are innocently assumed to be safe, even though testing is rarely carried out on after-sales units. 830 more words


Irregular Work Hours May Increase Diabetes Risk, Study Shows

A new study adds diabetes to the list of health ailments linked with working irregular hours outside of a usual 9-to-5 schedule.

The findings show that people who’ve ever had shift-work jobs have a 9% increased risk of developing diabetes compared with those who consistently worked daytime hours. 273 more words

Public Health

Looking Forward

I have decided to dedicate a blog that blends my educational interests with scholarly articles as an easier way to get the knowledge out. It is also a great way to improve my writing. 214 more words



The thing that has been consuming about 85% of my thoughts this past month has been work. Specifically entry level jobs. While i have yet to graduate college, I will be doing so within a few months, and all I have to put on my resume is a fast food job and a job as an assistant nurse. 275 more words

Why Mendel tells you not to drink alcohol when you are conceiving an Einstein

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is generally considered as not a very good idea. For one, it can cause fetal alcohol syndrome if you are serious about your drinking ( 1,945 more words