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“It is unreasonable to expect that people will change their behavior easily when so many forces in the social, cultural, and physical environment conspire against such change.”   

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Behavior Change

 I’ve been catching up on the social scene in my neck of the woods.   I am slowly stepping out.  When, I lived in New York, I had retreated from things I used to do for fun.   833 more words

Public Health

Zero Tolerance Policy for Health Professionals

There needs to be a zero tolerance policy for health professionals who block the flow of health education to the public to guarantee their own livelihood. 150 more words

Hobbies help you on the job too, study finds

Creative pursuits outside of work, such as art, cooking or sport, may help improve job performance, a new study has found.

Even things like watching television, playing video games or meeting friends – activities where we “kick back and relax” – could have a beneficial effect on job performance, the study found. 251 more words

Public Health

Student Reflection on April's CHAT Discussion

The following is a guest post by University of Minnesota student Sabrina Peterson sharing her reflections on last month’s CHAT meeting on “Social Movements for Health Advocates… 668 more words


Days 73 & 74

Day 73, this transplanted this little champion and it’s friends all made it through the April freeze warning! Don’t know what they are, but I guess we’ll find out when they (hopefully) bloom. 47 more words