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Gardez un bon equilibre entre vos ambitions et votre douce nature.

I don’t trust my French.

Not in a Montreal hotel that cringing time a champagne toast wedding reception wasn’t the complimentary breakfast served daily.

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Baby belly?

That moment when you enter a new restaurant.  You are inches away from the hostess stand where an 18 year old boy stands, ready to take you to your table.  85 more words

Private Parts

Return of the Lecta

Hello, electronic friends.  I’m back after a long hiatus to share a story of great dignity and grace.  It is as follows:

Me, The Boyfriend, and The Roommate had just been to see the glorious Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  676 more words

Boxing Day

Clump #178:  Clear boxes from son’s room and flatten for recycling.

Day three of my Bedroom Blast Challenge, whereby I clear out the accumulation of stuff in our son’s room one clump a day.  239 more words

Retire The Punisher Hat

1. The infliction or imposition of a penalty as retribution for an offense.
“crime demands just punishment”
synonyms: penalizing, punishing, disciplining…
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The Shame Sham

 For Takis MagazineJim Goad writes: Like all societies before it, our society considers nothing more shameful than to be shameless. Thus, the Internet—which binds our society together like cheese binds a colon—is crammed with so much public shaming, it should be ashamed of itself. 567 more words


I saw the sign.

A cloud of fear has descended on The Hague. People step out of their doors in the morning full of trepidation. There is a palpable sense of anxiety, a collective apprehension barely contained. 581 more words